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Jimmy Savile


Jimmy Savile victim opens up about horrific child abuse she suffered BEFORE meeting him - ‎28.07.2016‎
One of Jimmy Savile's victims has opened up about the years of child abuse she suffered as a youngster. Karin Ward, 57, was among the first of many to come froward and expose the disturbing crimes of the late TV personality.

Jimmy Savile victims set to get more than £1.8m compensation from his estate - ‎27.07.2016‎
VICTIMS of disgraced BBC star Jimmy Savile are to get more than £1.8million compensation from his £3.3million estate, a High Court judge has ruled.

Laywers will get £2.5m of Jimmy Savile's £4m estate

International Business Times UK - ‎24.07.2016‎
Victims of predatory paedophile Jimmy Savile, who were abused by the TV presenter as children, will receive less money from his estate in compensation than the lawyers representing his estate, it is being reported.

Aston Villa owner Dr Tony Xia goes on Chinese charm offensive after being duped into Jimmy Savile tribute by prankster

The Sun - ‎18.07.2016‎
ASTON VILLA chairman Dr Tony Xia has taken the stage to sell the Claret and Blues to China - hours after being duped into retweeting a 'tribute' to disgraced star Jimmy Savile. Xia kicked a ball around on stage in Beijing as he was joined by boss ...

Top of the Pops: Die schlimmsten Momente der BBC-Sendung

SPIEGEL ONLINE - ‎28.07.2016‎
Bis zur Einführung des Musikvideos in den Achtzigern sicherten diese Tanzgruppen TOTP die Quoten, ebenso wie ihr überdrehter, platinblonder Starmoderator Jimmy Savile, der von 1964 an 20 Jahre lang durch die Musikshow führte. Doch auch hier ...

Großbritannien nach dem Brexit Brutale Testphase - ‎24.07.2016‎
Jimmy Savile (BBC-Moderator und Sexualstraftäter, d. Red.) hätte, ließe man ihn mit einem Tarnumhang auf Hogwarts los, immer noch mehr Selbstkontrolle als Labour. Eine Schlagzeile im Guardian zitierte einen Kollegen mit den Worten, Labour-Politikerin ...

Hertfordshire crime rate rises, non-recent sex abuse reports soar in wake of Jimmy Savile scandal

Hertfordshire Mercury - ‎27.07.2016‎
The crime rate in Hertfordshire has risen for the third year in a row, according to figures released last week by the Office for National Statistics.

Care home abuse shames all of us says Fiona Phillips - ‎vor 2 Stunden‎
Kat Ward's life was miserable from the moment she was born. Her mum hated her. Her stepdad regularly raped her. She was put in a children's home from where, on a visit to Jersey, aged 14, she first came across Jimmy Savile. Kat was the first victim to ...

Killer 'burned Veronica Packman's body and scattered ashes at golf course'

Bournemouth Echo - ‎vor 17 Stunden‎
Veronica Packman's disappearance in June 1985 is the subject of a major new investigation led by the man who exposed Jimmy Savile. An ITV documentary made by Simon Cowell's production company Syco has had viewers gripped this summer as former ...

'I'm still paying price for Savile's crimes' – Sandy community worker Ken Lynch says he still feels shunned by some ...

Comet 24 - ‎21.07.2016‎
Mr Lynch was part of the 'Stick a Brick' fundraising campaign, organised on behalf of the Jimmy Savile Charity Appeal, which raised thousands of pounds for the spinal unit.

Today's media stories from the papers

The Guardian - ‎28.07.2016‎
Jimmy Savile victims to get about £13,000 each from estate. P10 Senior BBC staff given £1,000 pay rises. P10 Criminal court cases may soon be televised.

Sex offences against children have more than tripled in four years

NW Evening Mail - ‎28.07.2016‎
Police are keen to stress that they do not believe the increase represents a trend in sex offences, but rather that the force has improved how it records sex crimes.

Dorset firefighter jailed over false sex claims by 'chronic liar' is freed

Daily Mail - ‎21.07.2016‎
A former firefighter jailed after his alleged sex attack victim came forward in the wake of the Jimmy Savile affair has had his conviction quashed by leading judges.

After Fireman Sam and the Koran other times Kids TV has gone very wrong - ‎27.07.2016‎
Before Jimmy Savile was exposed as a vile sexual predator, Children's BBC show The Tweenies could be forgiven for having one of its characters dress up as the DJ in one of its 2001 episodes.

Five sex offences reported EVERY week in mosques, temples and churches - ‎25.07.2016‎
Jimmy Savile and abuse shadow GETTY. Many people have come forward to report sexual abuse following the Jimmy Savile case. According to the shocking figures obtained by a Freedom of Information Request by The Mail on Sunday, 725 crimes were ...

Ongar woman vindicated by report on drugging and abuse at girls' home

East London and West Essex Guardian Series - ‎27.07.2016‎
Dr Sue Proctor, who investigated abuse by Jimmy Savile at Leeds Teaching Hospitals, led the investigation and said that the truth would not have been revealed without Ms Cooper's efforts.

Child sex abuse inquiry could last for a DECADE and has already racked up £18m costs

Daily Mail - ‎26.07.2016‎
The inquiry - set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal to examine the way public bodies handled child sex abuse claims - has spent £17.9million on staff, instructing a battery of lawyers and setting up a string of regional offices, but is yet to ...

Man wrongly jailed for sex abuse describes 'living hell'

BBC News - ‎25.07.2016‎
The accusation of a serious sexual assault in the 1970s was made by a man who came forward in the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile scandal. Mr Bryant was released after Mr Justice Singh quashed the conviction over concerns relating to the credibility of ...

Goddard inquiry truth project to hear first testimony on child sexual abuse

The Guardian - ‎25.07.2016‎
The inquiry was set up in 2015 in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal to gather evidence on historical institutional child abuse in Britain.