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US stocks slump further ending their ...


Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day

Bloomberg - ‎22.07.2016‎
... that outflows totalled $49 billion in June, up from $25 billion in May. The one thing that has analysts scratching their heads about the yuan's decline this year is how well investors, particularly in U.S. stocks, have been able to ignore the ...

Two Months In, Brazil's Temer Emerges as a Big Market Favorite

Bloomberg - ‎22.07.2016‎
Even after the run-up in prices, there are more gains to be had in Brazil, said Alejo Czerwonko, an emerging-market investment strategist at UBS Wealth Management.


VietNamNet Bridge - ‎vor 14 Stunden‎
The central coastal province of Binh Dinh has decided to end investment attraction for the petrochemical oil refinery project in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone due to its unfeasibility. ... The department has since inspected the facilities to find out the ...

Hong Kong Stocks on Verge of Erasing Drop for the Year: Chart

Bloomberg - ‎20.07.2016‎
Japan's government is considering a 20 trillion yen ($187 billion) stimulus program, about double its previous plan, to counter the possible effects of the U.K.

South African Utility Seeks Clarity on Power Procurement Program

Bloomberg - ‎21.07.2016‎
The Department of Energy is scheduled to hold its fifth auction for independent renewable power producers this year, after attracting at least 193 billion rand ($13.5 billion) of investment since 2011. Eskom Chief Executive ... downside risks to global ...

New Zealand Dollar's Rally Brought Down by Reserve Bank: Chart

Bloomberg - ‎20.07.2016‎
New Zealand's central bank sent the kiwi dollar lower again Thursday as its economic update signaled interest-rate cuts to come, fueled by Governor Graeme Wheeler's concern that the currency is too strong.

Pokemon partnership - ‎22.07.2016‎
"People are having to jump through more and more hoops to create a secure authentication," says Karl Martin, the CEO of Nymi, a Toronto-based startup that created a wristband that can identify its wearer based on their electrocardiogram, or the ...

Photo: The Canadian Press - ‎22.07.2016‎
Volkswagen's plan to fix most of its 2-litre diesel engines that cheat on emissions tests includes a computer software update and a larger catalytic converter to trap harmful nitrogen oxide, according to two dealers who were briefed by executives on ...

Bank Options Priced for Earnings Pain as Brexit Delays Rate Hike

Bloomberg - ‎13.07.2016‎
Investors don't know, so they're bracing for the worst.” The one-month implied volatility spread between the SPDR S&P Bank ETF and the broader SPDR S&P 500 ETF widened to 16.54 points last week, the highest since December 2011, Bloomberg data ...

European Stock Strategists Double Down on Gloom After Brexit

Bloomberg - ‎14.07.2016‎
While stocks slumped after the Brexit vote, forecasters slashed projections even faster, signaling little room for a rebound in the rest of the year.

The Iran deal, one year out: What Brookings experts are saying

Brookings Institution (blog) - ‎14.07.2016‎
One year after its conclusion, the JCPOA remains controversial in Tehran and Washington (as I describe in more detail here), with opponents unreconciled to the deal and determined to derail it.

Markets Live: ASX back in black for 2016

The Sydney Morning Herald - ‎10.07.2016‎
Big banks and miners have led a broad ASX rally as investors pile back into stocks, adding $31 billion to the market cap of the top 200, erasing the year's losses and pushing the benchmark index to a month-high as global risk appetite returns in a big way.

Japan Feasted on Bonds Abroad as Treasury Yields Fell to Records

Bloomberg - ‎13.07.2016‎
Japan has 27 percent of its population over the age of 65, according to government data, compared with 15 percent in the U.S., according to government estimates. U.S. baby boomers, born when birth rates spiked for almost two decades after World War II, ...

The Daily 202: Keep an eye on Tom Vilsack in Hillary Clinton's veepstakes

Washington Post - ‎14.07.2016‎
Clinton has the luxury of not needing to make her decision until after she knows who Trump has chosen. She will be able to think about how her potential picks will match up against Mike Pence, Chris Christie or Newt Gingrich when they debate at ...

Railroad Investors See Plunging Second-Quarter Profit as Bottom

Bloomberg - ‎13.07.2016‎
Yet for investors the worst may already be over. CSX Corp., the first of the major railroads to report second-quarter results, is expected to post a 24 percent plunge in adjusted profit on Wednesday after markets close, based on analysts' estimates ...

Gold Faces A Record Selling Overhang

Smarter Analyst - ‎15.07.2016‎
Since the hyper-leveraged nature of futures trading demands an ultra-short-term focus, speculators' excessive bullish bets on gold pose major near-term downside risks.

Is free trade with Europe doomed? (subscription) - ‎12.07.2016‎
In 2011, reports said it would be done in 2012. In October 2012, the projection was a deal by year-end. It took until the fall of 2013 for a ceremony marking an “agreement-in-principle.” That too proved to be premature as there was another event ...

Gold's Record Selling Overhang - ‎17.07.2016‎
Gold investors generally buy gold outright, or at worst using the decades-old legal limit of leverage in the stock markets of 2.0x via the leading GLD SPDR Gold Shares (NYSE:GLD) gold ETF.

Crop Rotation

Viva El Birdos - ‎13.07.2016‎
There are benefits to the fallow period that cannot be replicated by basically any individual crop, and so the overall health of the soil -- and thus the yield of the land -- were further increased by this three-part approach. .... And then there was ...

Unwinding of Excessive Gold Futures Longs – One of the Best Buying Opportunities

Commodity Trade Mantra - ‎17.07.2016‎
Since the hyper-leveraged nature of gold futures trading demands an ultra-short-term focus, speculators' excessive bullish bets on gold pose major near-term downside risks.