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UN Backed Donor Conference Seeks Bill...


Ted Cruz Steals the Show

The Atlantic - ‎20.07.2016‎
The applause was Cruz's reward for appearing at the Republican National Convention hosted by Donald Trump. The boos were his ... Governor Scott Walker, whose endorsements of Trump had been tortured, offered stronger backing in his speech, which was ...

As Mosul anti-ISIS fight approaches, worries about the day after

Al-Arabiya - ‎20.07.2016‎
The United Nations says it needs an immediate $280 million to begin pre-positioning supplies - tens of thousands of tents and hundreds of mobile health clinics, for example - for the expected flood of refugees.

One Startup's Quest to Save Refugees With Virtual Reality

WIRED - ‎18.07.2016‎
The UN showed the film at fund-raising events, claiming that it helped raise $3.8 billion from donors, and launched a virtual-reality division.

As Mosul fight approaches, worries about the day after

Reuters India - ‎19.07.2016‎
The battle for Mosul is expected to be difficult, but the aftermath could be tougher, Iraqi, United Nations and U.S. officials say.