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The Fragile Peace Of An Iraqi City On...


Anti-ISIS meeting: How can the coalition boost Syria and Iraq gains?

Al-Arabiya - ‎22.07.2016‎
He added that the talks had primarily focused on contingencies for the immediate aftermath once ISIS is defeated in Mosul, which include stabilization and reconstruction plans and concern that the stabilization and governance effort will lag behind the ...

What Does NATO Do, Anyway?

The New Yorker - ‎22.07.2016‎
NATO members have been in Washington this week, convening with the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State, which is now preparing for the battle over strategic Mosul, Iraq, the largest city under ISIS's control. ... Only once in sixty-seven ...

Kashmir residents struggle under India security lockdown

Al-Arabiya - ‎22.07.2016‎
After the Thursday's wazwan, Ahmed, accompanied by four relatives, traveled 5 kilometers (3 miles) to another neighborhood in Srinagar to bring his bride home late Thursday night, after government troops had withdrawn from the pitch-dark streets ...

Terror and Politics in Bangladesh

Jacobin magazine - ‎19.07.2016‎
For the past year, Bangladesh's government and political commentators have spent a lot of time speculating about whether the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has a presence in the country. This month's bloody attack at an upscale café in Dhaka's ...

OPINION | Brexit, Trump and Duterte: There is Method in Madness

InterAksyon - ‎23.07.2016‎
After the carnage of World War 2, European countries began working to realize the compelling vision of economic integration and political union to ensure regional prosperity and peace, especially between France and Germany. The UK however had a ...

How President Trump or Clinton should handle Middle East crisis

CNBC - ‎14.07.2016‎
Transition needs stability. After the United States invested 150,000 troops in Iraq and billions in developing new institutions, at least a third of Iraq is entangled in war. Winning in Syria or against ISIS is not just a short-run military concept. It ...

The Islamic State in Defeat: Is Nice the Future?

Huffington Post - ‎17.07.2016‎
Iraqi forces consisting of the regular Iraqi Army and various Shite militias have taken back Tikrit, Ramadi and Falluja and largely regained control of the major urban centers in Anbar province; the heart of Iraq's Sunni Triangle. Further north ... The ...

The Soul of a City: Berlin and Memory

lareviewofbooks - ‎21.07.2016‎
AN ASSORTMENT OF PROFESSIONAL WOMEN and well-off moms make their way three times a week to a homeopathic clinic in Berlin's upscale Wilmersdorf neighborhood to receive an herbal injection and submit to a weigh-in.

Lebanon's fragile stability

The Interpreter - ‎19.07.2016‎
Since 2015 fear of an ISIS invasion had receded, in part because of Syrian and Iraqi armies regaining large swathes of ISIS territory. The garbage crisis that ... But then, slowly but surely, the reality of Lebanon's fragility asserted itself once more ...

Syria's deadly spillover - ‎15.07.2016‎
In terms of the particular threat from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS), as the group is pushed more and more on to the back foot in Iraq and Syria, it may look to move from conventional to more unconventional tactics ...

The coup in Turkey, even if it fails, could lead to uncertainty in anti-ISIS fight

Washington Post - ‎15.07.2016‎
“Erdogan has been ambivalent with ISIL,” he said, using an alternative acronym for the Islamic State, “partly because he wanted to go after Assad . . . and partly because there is big business on the border.” Only about ... The Pentagon has ...

VIEWPOINT: Welcome to the brave new world

Public broadcasting of Latvia - ‎18.07.2016‎
When my wife and I decide to spend three days in Istanbul on a long-overdue vacation, just the two of us alone among the city's millions, I can't wait to slip back into that urban dream world, spun over centuries of history. The prospect of ... We run ...

Nightmare in Nice

The News International - ‎17.07.2016‎
Hollande's redeployment of the Charles de Gaulle stealth fighter-jet to intensify aerial assaults against Isis and his suggested increase in ground troops to recapture Mosul is an affront to Isis. Perceived measures against ... The Nice tragedy ...

How the US Tried—and Failed—to Oust Netanyahu

American Spectator - ‎14.07.2016‎
“It is completely unacceptable that U.S. taxpayer dollars were used to build a political campaign infrastructure that was deployed - immediately after the grant ended - against the leader of our closest ally in the Middle East.” ... belief - shared ...

US Defense Secretary Carter announces 560 more US troops to Iraq

World Socialist Web Site - ‎12.07.2016‎
Carter made clear that the deployments are only a prelude to a further escalation of the US intervention, suggesting that a substantially larger US “effort” will be needed to maintain control over Iraqi cities once ISIS forces are driven out of Mosul ...

NATO in Libya: A Long-Term Plan for Stability

CSS Resources (blog) - ‎13.07.2016‎
Once it receives a request from the GNA, NATO can and should assist in SSR, border control and countering people-smuggling as there is no better placed actor to help Libya in this regard.