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Syrian government to let aid into bes...


UN pleads for weekly 48-hour truce in Aleppo

SBS - ‎21.07.2016‎
"People are trying to survive in the most desperate of circumstances." The UN has identified 18 areas in Syria as besieged, mostly by government forces. Egeland said only three of those areas have received aid this month. In Madaya, a besieged area in ...

UN Pleads for Weekly 48-Hour Truce in Syria's Aleppo

Naharnet - ‎21.07.2016‎
The U.N. on Thursday called for a weekly 48-hour truce in Syria's besieged city of Aleppo to allow aid deliveries to reach some 250,000 civilians facing starvation.

Video Shows Horror Of Life Under Barrel Bombs In Syria

Huffington Post - ‎15.07.2016‎
The network's chilling footage offers a glimpse into the war-torn nation's ailing city of Darayya, which has been under siege by its own government for four years. Blasts erupt as ... Syrian President Bashar Assad denies that his government uses barrel ...

Assad Says US Is 'Not Serious' About Defeating ISIS

Axis of Logic - ‎16.07.2016‎
"We wanted to defeat those terrorists, while the United States wanted to manage those groups in order to topple the government in Syria," Assad said. .... Is that a military fault, or is President Obama simply not being, let's say, ruthless enough ...