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Some Clinton Emails Showed Dynamics o...


Democrats don't have a foreign policy vision other than “not Trump"

Vox - ‎vor 11 Stunden‎
The result was a convention without a positive foreign policy vision. There wasn't much of a case for Clinton other than, “At least you can trust her with nuclear weapons.” That might be enough in this very, very strange election. But this dynamic can ...

Trump's ideas on a new 'reset' with Russia alarm allies, experts

The Japan Times - ‎vor 1 Stunde‎
For all that, some of Trump's goals are consistent with long-held U.S. views, many experts say. The idea of ... And his offhand invitation for Russia to help unearth the deleted emails from Clinton's State Department years appeared to violate a ...

Many GOP foreign policy experts see Donald Trump as unfit to be president

Los Angeles Times - ‎vor 12 Stunden‎
To the extent Donald Trump has articulated a coherent foreign policy, it appears a dark shoot-from-the-hip unilateralism that puts him at odds with thinking that has dominated the GOP for generations.

Anne Applebaum: Elect Clinton to resist rising dictators

Salt Lake Tribune - ‎vor 11 Stunden‎
We also need a President Clinton to distance herself from the current administration, at least in this sense: President Obama has consistently refused to take seriously Russia's hybrid foreign policy, a strategy that mixes normal diplomacy, military ...

Sunburn for 7.29.16 – Hillary Clinton's big moment

Florida Politics (blog) - ‎vor 17 Stunden‎
It's a reference to the leaked party emails that some say show the Democratic National Committee favored Clinton over Sanders. Clinton ... “This was about the eighth most dynamic speech of her convention,” Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity said ...

(Adrees Latif/Reuters)

National Review Online - ‎28.07.2016‎
So said Bill Clinton in making the case for his wife at the Democratic National Convention. Considering that ... more banal?

Touch of September - Minnesota Mosquito Season is 34 Days Longer Now Than in the 1980s

Minneapolis Star Tribune - ‎28.07.2016‎
NOAA announced the selection of a new dynamic core, the engine of a numerical weather prediction model, and will begin developing a state-of-the-art global weather forecasting model to replace the U.S.

Did Donald Trump's Executives Violate the Cuban Embargo?

Bloomberg - ‎28.07.2016‎
Although he's spearheading the company's Cuban golf efforts, according to three people familiar with his role, Russo says these trips haven't been on behalf of the Trump Organization.

Denied White House Ceremony, Marine Hero Honored with Ship Naming - ‎28.07.2016‎
"An O-2 on [temporary active duty] had, in a few hours, done more and showed more courage and selflessness than most of us do in a lifetime," said Navy Secretary Ray Mabus as he announced the naming of the destroyer.

Full transcript: POLITICO's Glenn Thrush interviews Robby Mook

Politico - ‎28.07.2016‎
I reported in a story about, for instance, there's this kind of funny endgame that happened that I heard about where you guys, or some people in your camp, had caught wind--and we're talking about at the final platform negotiations in Orlando that ...

Boosting Clinton, US Democrats to flag Trump's 'dangerous' approach | Reuters

Firstpost - ‎27.07.2016‎
PHILADELPHIA Barack Obama will highlight Hillary Clinton's judgement and toughness on Wednesday as he seeks to boost her campaign to be the first woman U.S. president, hoping to hand off the White House to a trusted fellow Democrat and stop ...

A play-by-play preview of the day's congressional news

Politico - ‎28.07.2016‎
Another Capitol Hill supporter said “Team Clinton took the bait,” arguing that Russia turning over emails now would present a national security issue: “Well, if her 30,000+ missing e-mails are suddenly a national security issue, why were they deleted ...

Raja-Mandala: Frontrunner's dilemmas

The Indian Express - ‎25.07.2016‎
Last fall, when campaigning began for the Democratic Party's nomination, it was widely assumed that Clinton, towering above her potential rivals, would be coronated as the candidate in no time. But an unknown figure ... The leaked emails show the ...

Could Hillary Clinton Become the Champion of the 99 Percent?

New York Times - ‎23.07.2016‎
In June of 2015, Felicia Joy Wong was in her car, awaiting with some apprehension the economic address that would officially open Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. The speech was being staged at the F.D.R. memorial on New York City's Roosevelt ...

RILA taps Evan Armstrong, CTIA hires Kelly Cole

Politico - ‎27.07.2016‎
Cole ran her own firm and was a consulting counsel for Wiley Rein. ... POLITICO Caucus: Energy and the Election - Join the POLITICO Hub at the DNC for a 2-panel conversation on the energy policy issues facing the next president. ... Companies and ...

FactChecking Trump's Big Speech - ‎22.07.2016‎
The GOP nominee promises 'no lies,' but twists facts on taxes, crime, foreign affairs and more. By Lori Robertson ... Trump claimed Clinton “illegally” stored emails on her private server while secretary of state, and deleted 33,000 to cover-up “her ...

Anne Applebaum: Connecting the dots - How Russia benefits from the DNC email leak

Salt Lake Tribune - ‎26.07.2016‎
Russia's primary foreign policy goals are to weaken the European Union, soften up NATO and make the European continent safe for corrupt Russian money.

Ted Cruz Steals the Show

The Atlantic - ‎20.07.2016‎
(Cruz apparently didn't hear her.) But a sleepy, meandering speech by casino owner Phil Ruffin, punctuated with borderline laughable statements—“If Donald tells you something, put it in the bank.

Hillary's story: It takes a village

WRTV Indianapolis - ‎25.07.2016‎
Could she have survived the self-inflicted damage from her “extremely careless” handling of e-mail as Secretary of State?

Fact Check: Democratic Convention Day 1

NBC Bay Area - ‎26.07.2016‎
... not available to families earning as much as $125,000 until 2021. Sanders mentioned the free-tuition plan in his speech as an example of how Clinton has adopted some of his ideas for the general election in a show of unity after the contentious ...