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Saudi Arabia executes prominent Shiit...

Is the Iran-Saudi cold war heating up?

European Council on Foreign Relations - ‎28.07.2016‎
... each other's domestic security. Policy makers in Riyadh and Tehran have known that backing militant groups among their rival's Shiite minorities in Saudi Arabia or Sunni minorities in Iran could lead to an escalation for which neither country is ...

Creating Frankenstein: The Impact Of Saudi Export Of Ultra-Conservatism In South Asia – Analysis

Eurasia Review - ‎vor 10 Minuten‎
Speaking at a conference in Singapore, sociologist Farid Alatas noted that madrassas - often funded by Saudi Arabia or other Salafi and Wahhabi groups - fails to produce graduates trained to think critically. ..... Proselytization of Wahhabism was ...

Government quietly admits it was wrong to say Saudi Arabia is not targeting civilians or committing war crimes

The Independent - ‎22.07.2016‎
The autocratic petro-state is currently engaged in a bombing campaign in Yemen where it has blown up hospitals, schools, and weddings as part of its intervention against Houthi rebels.

The cartoon that shows how ridiculous Saudi laws are for women

The Independent - ‎18.07.2016‎
Thousands of people have circulated a short animation video designed to show the restrictions that Saudi Arabia's male guardianship system places on women.

UK shotgun rounds used by Saudi security forces to kill Shia dissident

Middle East Eye - ‎19.07.2016‎
British- and Canadian-manufactured arms were used by security forces in Saudi Arabia to kill a Shia dissident in the country's Eastern Province, prompting fresh calls for an arms embargo on the country.

Islam and the Free World: What Should be done as an Imperative Survival (A)

Modern Diplomacy - ‎23.07.2016‎
These Jihadists are encouraged by Islamic exegetes and Imāms' preaching; are directly supported by many Muslim sponsor states, like Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, and Iran; and by terrorist exporting states, like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, and Sudan ...

Iran Threatens Saudi Arabia, Weakens its Own International Relations

Iran News Update - ‎19.07.2016‎
Relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia have always been strained by economic competition and sectarian differences, but matters have been particularly problematic since the beginning of this year, when Saudi Arabia executed a Shiite dissident cleric ...

Saudi executions reach 99 this year

Free Malaysia Today - ‎20.07.2016‎
Saudi executions reach 99 this year. AFP. | July 20, 2016 ... Saudi Arabia imposes the death penalty for offences including murder, drug trafficking, armed robbery, rape and apostasy.