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Pope calls for end to arrogance of po...


The Libertarians' Secret Weapon

The New Yorker - ‎17.07.2016‎
At the end of May, William F. Weld, the former moderate Republican governor of Massachusetts, became the Libertarian Party's Vice-Presidential nominee, giving the Party its most mainstream ticket since its founding, in 1971.

Olympics Interview: Jules Boykoff on the Intersection of Money, Politics and Resistance in the Games

Paste Magazine - ‎20.07.2016‎
Despite the International Olympic Committee's stated apolitical stance, Boykoff reveals its much more complex—and frequently sinister—relationship to powerful political figures across the world and decades. He also details the .... By the end of the ...

Italy Enjoys a Political Lull, but Storm Clouds Are Gathering

World Politics Review - ‎14.07.2016‎
Italy, which despite its small size is a very diverse country where individual cities and regions have a powerful sense of local identity, seems a natural candidate for federalism.

Who Gave Us Justice Ginsburg?

Town Hall - ‎14.07.2016‎
That was the crisp diagnosis of Donald Trump on hearing the opinion of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the possibility he might become president.