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Poll Americans supportive but skeptic...


GOP chair: Trump and Pence differ, but that's a sign of 'maturity'

Los Angeles Times - ‎17.07.2016‎
Trump has made skepticism on trade deals a signature of his campaign; Pence has been a backer of such deals, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership that the Obama administration has negotiated, which Trump has called a "disaster." Priebus ... The ...

The Great Republican Party Crackup

POLITICO Magazine - ‎15.07.2016‎
But just as those earthquakes had a likely explanation—gas and oil fracking in the Utica Shale—so can the crackup of the Republican Party and rise of Trump be traced back to what the geologists call the local site conditions.

The great Republican crack-up - ‎19.07.2016‎
He supported gun ownership and school prayer and opposed many social welfare programs. But he was also the proud descendant of abolitionists and had goaded President John F. Kennedy into pushing forward on civil rights and had then played a leading ...

The Daily 202: Evan Bayh bets big that support for Donald Trump will tank

Washington Post - ‎12.07.2016‎
The president took on that criticism directly, Johnson said, saying he was not encouraging violence against law enforcement and had publicly criticized anyone who encouraged such action over the weekend while he was traveling in Spain.” ... “But as the ...

South Florida 100 Forum July 17

Sun Sentinel - ‎15.07.2016‎
I have watched my party evolve from an "all of the above energy policy" party to a party whose position is one of energy and infrastructure being supportive of new technology jobs and environmental and climate policy. ... Looking ahead: After looking ...