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Obama Lynch to meet ahead of new exec...

What lies ahead for Clinton from the pending email investigations?

Fort Worth Star Telegram - ‎19.07.2016‎
Despite several attempts to target Hillary Clinton for possibly mishandling classified information, none of the remaining investigations is likely to uncover new information or hurt the presidential hopeful before the election. Lawmakers have ...

The Time is Now: To Defeat Both Trump and Clintonian Neoliberalism

CounterPunch - ‎19.07.2016‎
I would add that we should recall that this Trump of 2016 is the same public figure who in 1989 used his wealth to take out a full page ad in the New York Daily News and other media venues, calling for the execution of the black youths falsely charged ...

Three police officers are gunned down in Baton Rouge. Suspect's videos had endorsed violence after shootings of ...

Washington Post - ‎17.07.2016‎
While police offered few immediate details about the exact origins of the incident, they say the violent incident unfolded early Sunday when officers responded to reports of a man carrying a rifle in an area filled with grocery stores and other ...

The Daily 202: Evan Bayh bets big that support for Donald Trump will tank

Washington Post - ‎12.07.2016‎
The letter comes ahead of today's appearance by Attorney General Loretta Lynch before the House Judiciary Committee.

Trump demands an apology from Ginsburg, Loretta Lynch under fire, and China loses in Court

CainTV - ‎13.07.2016‎
o Following the ceremony Obama planned to meet with the families of the slain policemen and others who were wounded.

Editorial Roundup

Caledonian Record - ‎10.07.2016‎
Comey was, of course, forced by last week's "chance" meeting between former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch to begin his statement yesterday by emphasizing that his remarks had not been cleared or reviewed in any way by the ...