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Michigan gov We dont want people to a...


The email trail of the latest workers charged in Flint water crisis

Bridge Michigan - ‎vor 12 Stunden‎
“Our position has always been that we do not dictate which acceptable option(s) a water supply may choose. Our responsibility is to see that operations are managed properly, regulations are met, and safe water is delivered. For example, when Flint ...

Climate Policy: Where Do We Go from Here?

The Weekly Standard (blog) - ‎27.07.2016‎
In addition, China is financing scores of coal plants in developing countries that have elevated their need for more rapid economic growth over their felt need to honor their Paris pledges. As if that were not enough to make nonsense of the Paris ...

Little chance that Snyder will stun Schuette with early exit

Detroit Free Press - ‎23.07.2016‎
Under the Michigan Constitution, the lieutenant governor assumes the governor's office in the event the governor resigns before the end of his term. ... “People portray us at odds, (but) we agree on many, many things, and we work together on a lot of ...

OBAMA, Biden endorse Harris -- NEWSOM, STEYER slam Trump -- TOBACCO drops $17 M into anti-tax effort

Politico - ‎19.07.2016‎
So about that memorable photo tweeted by the intrepid Capital Public Radio reporter Ben Adler -- capturing Brulte, party insiders like Doug Ose, and the entire Golden State GOP crowd rising in unity in defense of Trump; it may turn out to be California ...