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Filmmakers who targeted Planned Paren...


Undercover Filmmaker Who Exposed Planned Parenthood Calls His Case a 'Huge Win' for Journalists

Daily Signal - ‎26.07.2016‎
Two undercover filmmakers whose videos exposed abortion provider Planned Parenthood won't face criminal charges after all. Instead, they're hailing the news as a First Amendment victory for citizen journalists. On Tuesday, the Harris County district ...

On 1 year anniversary, Planned Parenthood investigators release new video

Lifesite - ‎14.07.2016‎
A week later, the second video featured Dr. Mary Gatter, the president of Planned Parenthood's for-profit Medical Directors' Council, haggling over the price of aborted babies' tissue, saying, “I want a Lamborghini.” More videos followed, as did state ...

Photo: The Canadian Press - ‎25.07.2016‎
Though many expected the sale of Yahoo to spell the end of Mayer's reign, a Tumblr post from Mayer moments after the deal was announced read, "For me personally, I'm planning to stay. .... Royal Bank (TSX:RY) is currently testing out technologies such ...

Unpublished Opinions for the Week of July 18, 20116 (subscription) - ‎15.07.2016‎
It found no error in the award of attorney fees to plaintiff as the Supreme Court had stated that a plaintiff who established a violation of the act and whose ascertainable loss issue survived summary judgment was entitled to attorney fees, even if the ...