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Dozens dead in spate of attacks by Is...


Analysis: ISIS's Ramadan Campaign of Terror

News Deeply - ‎13.07.2016‎
The spate of attacks began on June 12, when a gunman partly inspired by the group massacred 49 people at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and continued until the last days of Ramadan.

ISIL goes global - ‎16.07.2016‎
ISIL on Saturday claimed credit for the Bastille Day attack in Nice. The group did not, however, say it was behind the attack in Turkey, or the three bombs that exploded on July 4 in Saudi Arabia, one of them close to the mosque where Prophet Mohammad ...

Terrorists Turn To Lone Wolf Attacks As Their Strength Diminishes

Vocativ - ‎15.07.2016‎
More broadly, as ISIS continues to lose territory and fighters in Syria and Iraq, it is increasingly turning toward both organized and lone wolf attacks to reassert its position as the world's dominant jihadist movement.

After 33 days of terror, experts warn of changing tactics, growing threat

WTVC - ‎15.07.2016‎
More than a dozen attacks by ISIS and other terrorist groups have been recorded since an ISIS-inspired gunman killed 49 people in an Orlando nightclub on July 12, with a total death toll in the hundreds. Close ... In some cases, nobody but the ...