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Desktop level 2 support

Neue Details zu AMD Zen CPUs - ‎21.07.2016‎
Die Quad-Core CPU besitzt 2 MByte Level-2 Cache und 8 MByte L3-Cache, während der 8-Kerner über das doppelte verfügt. Beide Testmuster sollen mit 2,8 GHz laufen und auf bis zu 3,2 GHz im Turbomodus kommen. Wenn alle Kerne belastet werden, ...

5 Signs That Traditional Websites Are Becoming Obsolete

Forbes - ‎vor 7 Stunden‎
This alone doesn't indicate the death of traditional websites; after all, traditional websites are available on mobile devices just as well as desktop devices, but there's no question that app use is more prominent on mobile devices. Websites are also ...

Google expanded text ads are live, and device bidding & responsive ads for ...

Search Engine Land - ‎26.07.2016‎
The day has come: Google has officially launched expanded text ads. The extra-long ads with double headlines began rolling out across devices Tuesday morning.

Seagate präsentiert branchenweit umfassendstes 10-TB-Portfolio

PresseBox (Pressemitteilung) - ‎19.07.2016‎
Mit den Modellen Seagate BarraCuda Pro Desktop Drive, Seagate IronWolf für NAS-Anwendungen und Seagate SkyHawk für Überwachungsanwendungen präsentiert das Unternehmen neue Markennamen und -Logos sowie das branchenweit umfassendste ... Zu den ...

The Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro 5: everything we think we know

T3 - ‎vor 13 Stunden‎
Hopefully the introduction of the Kaby Lake processors should mean better battery performance as well, so you can eke out more time with the laptop on the go, and there has been talk of the new Surface Book 2 coming with a rechargeable stylus rather ...

Is this Your Commuting Future? - ‎vor 19 Stunden‎
What they're having trouble sourcing in Canada, they say, is government support. There was a day in October, 2012 when Vancouver's Jerry Kroll, ... There are currently 25 of these in B.C., located primarily in Metro Vancouver and Victoria, and about ...

Quadrilateral Cowboy review

Polygon - ‎25.07.2016‎
In a way, it's a bit of a cheat, isn't it? There is a wide mental gap between pushing and plunging a sword into a dragon's belly or catching a touchdown and running it into the endzone.

Moore's law scaling dead by 2021, to be replaced by 3D integration

ExtremeTech - ‎26.07.2016‎
... performance, albeit at significantly reduced power consumption. In thermally constrained environments, the vdWFETs and exFETs are significantly faster when constrained to a power envelope of 10W/cm2. ... Similarly, building 3D chips with integrated ...

Thinking Of AMD As A Successful VR Startup

Seeking Alpha - ‎vor 11 Stunden‎
Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD) seems to be back on track, reporting a second quarter profit when a loss was expected, and promising new product releases into 2017.

New Mac Pro 2016 release date rumours UK | New Mac Pro price, specs & new ...

Macworld UK - ‎25.07.2016‎
(Currently there are 4 USB ports and 6 Thunderbolt 2 ports on the Mac Pro, while the iMacs have 4 USB and 2 Thunderbolt.

Fleet Hower's 3D Printed LOCKNESTERS Puzzles Take on a New Look and Feel - ‎26.07.2016‎
There's no denying that 3D printing technology has impacted a number of fields in a multitude of ways, particularly on the industrial level. But, when it comes to desktop 3D printing with thermoplastics, the current outcome rarely strays from the ...

Flexion Extruder: Take a Lower-Performing 3D Printer to the Industrial Level - ‎26.07.2016‎
With the Flexion Extruder kit, those at the desktop level should be able to look forward to an exciting upgrade meant to solve numerous issues that the Diabase team saw plaguing the 3D printing space.

DEAL: Lumsing QC 2.0 5-Port Desktop Charger $18.99 W/Free Cable

Android Headlines - ‎25.07.2016‎
This means that each port will look to identify the charging capabilities of your smart device and provide the fastest level of charge that the smart device can safely handle. For those that own a smartphone which is able to make use of Quick Charge 2 ...

The last 28 years is more than I could have ever asked for

South Platte Sentinel - ‎vor 19 Stunden‎
For the most part it was well received, even though Logan County already had a daily newspaper, 2 radio stations and a local TV station.

How imaging SDKs can solve today's application development challenges - ‎26.07.2016‎
These SDKs also come with many built-in tools like scrolling, zooming, animation, drag and drop, touchscreen support, and more, according to Greg Ross, technical marketing engineer at LEADTOOLS.

Oil prices edge up slightly amid weaker dollar - ‎25.07.2016‎
Oil prices have edged up slightly in Asia today after tumbling more than 2% yesterday, while a weaker dollar has also provided support, although fears about a global supply glut are returning to the fore. After topping $50 a barrel early last month on ...

Superbook gives Android smartphones a laptop form factor

Gizmag - ‎24.07.2016‎
Today's smartphones are incredibly powerful, with the ability to run productivity apps and games that would have been impossible even on full-blown desktop computers not so long ago. The problem is, the size and touch ... For it's second attempt ...

Doing laps and making waves: How to pick a swim tracker

Ars Technica - ‎24.07.2016‎
Some of the most affordable fitness devices can track swimming, but then there are mid-tier and high-end trackers that have similar features.

Act! v18.2 from Swiftpage Allows Desktop Users to Connect with Hundreds of ...

PR Newswire (press release) - ‎25.07.2016‎
No competitor in the CRM space is offering this level of integration with hundreds of third party tools without requiring a web server.

A Thirst For Petabyte Scale All-Flash Arrays

The Next Platform - ‎25.07.2016‎
The enthusiasm for the new machine is a bit broader and deeper than Pure Storage had expected, signaling another level of maturity for customers and all-flash array vendors alike.