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Companies Urge Retiring Workers to Le...


Barack Obama's DNC 2016 speech: Read the transcript in full

The Independent - ‎vor 4 Stunden‎
Barack Obama delivered his final set piece speech at the Democratic National Convention - urging supporters and deligates to throw their backing behind Hillary Clinton. Over the course of three-quarters of an hour, Mr Obama spoke of his effort to bring ...

Postal workers to vote on strikes

The Guardian - ‎26.07.2016‎
It is the first time workers from the different parts of the business have been balloted together, with the result due on 19 August.

How Pictet Made Money From Brexit - ‎25.07.2016‎
Laurent Ramsey isn't much worried about Brexit. There are two other more pressing issues the partner of Geneva-based Pictet needs to deal with.

KNOWING Kaine -- EXCLUSIVE: Republicans for Hillary interview -- WEEKEND READS! -- B'DAY: David Brock ...

Politico - ‎23.07.2016‎
After their Virginia rally last week, she invited him to her home in Washington for a meeting that lasted until 10:30 p.m.

A Mormon Tycoon Wants to Build Joseph Smith's Mega-Utopia in Vermont

Bloomberg - ‎20.07.2016‎
Standing next to her wood-burning stove, Antal flipped open her precharged laptop and Googled the name of the Utah organization: NewVistas.

Woman, 79, traumatised after paying 'cowboy workers' £550

Evening Telegraph - ‎22.07.2016‎
AN ELDERLY woman has been left 'traumatised' after she paid hundreds of pounds for a roof repair - only for “cowboy workers” to carry out a “botched job”. Irene Stewart, 79, who lives in Fintry, said she was intimidated by the “bully boy” workers she ...

The Republican Party Nominates Trump

The Atlantic - ‎19.07.2016‎
That was the story shared by Senator Shelley Moore Capito, who devoted the first third of her long speech to the plight of her constituents, whose sense of being left behind is one of the most powerful forces driving the Trump campaign. “The greatest ...

A Terrifying Journey Through the World's Most Dangerous Jungle

Outside Magazine - ‎19.07.2016‎
An entire morning was spent hacking through spider-infested mangrove swamps to reach their camp, only to be told that our scheduled interview is off because they don't have their uniforms with them. We are on our way back to the ... It's easy to ...

Postal workers to vote on strikes in closures, jobs and pensions row - ‎26.07.2016‎
It is the first time workers from the different parts of the business have been balloted together, with the result due on August 19.

Senegalese authorities sweep child beggars off streets

Economic Times - ‎23.07.2016‎
In Lisbon, which is among Airbnb's top 10 global destinations, those renting space via the company are not just "hosts" offering a spare room to "guests": over a quarter of owners place more than one advertisement on the site, and 73 per cent have ...

'Kabali' takes Bengaluru by storm, despite dissonant voices

Economic Times - ‎22.07.2016‎
"If you try thinking of evacuating only South Mumbai's population, there are 11 million people and two narrow roads that will submerge later," he says.

Ailes is out as Fox News head, Murdoch named acting chief

WRCB-TV - ‎21.07.2016‎
Network parent 21st Century Fox said Thursday that Rupert Murdoch, the company's executive chairman, would run Fox News and its sister Fox Business Network, which Ailes had also led, until a successor could be found.

When Cops Take Justice Into Their Own Hands 'Please Don't Lose Faith in Us' Police Death by Police, Cont'd Stories ...

The Atlantic - ‎15.07.2016‎
I just want to say to the people who have written in about their horrible experiences with cops, on behalf of those of us who try to actually help people while conducting ourselves with decency and kindness, I am sorry for what you have experienced.

Having a cottage midway between Thessalon and Bruce Mines affords Kim Moreau perfect placement to sell her wares ...

Sault Star - ‎15.07.2016‎
Finally, with some urging from husband, Rob, she took the plunge. She was nervous for ... After all, not only was she running a household as a wife and mother to two little boys, she also had a full-time job as a community support worker. But then she ...

The Latest: Convention's balloon drop doesn't disappoint

News On 6 - ‎21.07.2016‎
The Republican presidential nominee also says he won't let U.S. companies relocate to other countries - laying off workers in the process - "without consequences." Trump says he'll negotiate deals with individual countries, rather than complex ...

Is the Party Over for Bushism?

Town Hall - ‎18.07.2016‎
But when the American people discovered that the export of their factories and jobs to low-wage countries, and sinking salaries, were the going price of globalism, they rebelled, turned to Trump, and voted for him to put America first again.

The Great Republican Party Crackup

POLITICO Magazine - ‎15.07.2016‎
This year, Dayton became a bellwether once again: When Ohio Republicans went to the polls in March to pick their nominee, of the nine largest counties in the state, Montgomery County was where Donald Trump fared best.

SPX Challenges Cycle Top Resistance - ‎24.07.2016‎
(ZeroHedge) Whether it is due to the recent speculation that Japan may usher in helicopter money, or ongoing concerns about what Brexit may do to the future of European asset returns, there has been a dramatic shift in fund allocation and as Bank of ...

Suspect in Munich Attack Had Book About Columbine, Virginia Tech Shooters, Police Say - ‎23.07.2016‎
Police said it appears that the suspect hacked a Facebook account and sent a message urging people to come to the mall for a free giveaway prior to the attack.

The Daily 202: Why Trump postponing his VP announcement will probably backfire

Washington Post - ‎15.07.2016‎
Remember, this should be one of Trump's finest hours. The FBI director's announcement last week that Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” in handling classified information has taken a negative toll on her image and given him some momentum. A ...