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Clinton Foundation on collision cours...


Sunburn for 7.20.16 – Donald Trump takes the crown

Florida Politics (blog) - ‎20.07.2016‎
The senator's scheduled prime-time address will be keenly watched as a barometer of the party's fighting spirit as the GOP turns to the fall campaign against Democrat Hillary Clinton, who accepts her nomination next week. .... HOW MELANIA TRUMP'S ...

Funding threatens future of giant telescope in Puerto Rico

SFGate - ‎19.07.2016‎
Dwindling funds from the U.S. government and construction of bigger, more powerful telescopes in places like China and Chile are threatening the existence of the telescope even as a group of scientists campaigns to keep it open, saying it can still be ...

Pokemon craze turns nasty - ‎12.07.2016‎
Audrey Schoenberg took shelter at a nearby restaurant after a tornado flipped her home off its foundation. "I'm numb.