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Client Finance Analyst Great Work Lif...

Minsky's moment

The Economist - ‎vor 5 Stunden‎
His research about financial crises and their causes attracted a few devoted admirers but little mainstream attention: this newspaper cited him only once while he was alive, and it was but a brief mention.

Obama looks to hand off to Clinton

Politico - ‎vor 8 Stunden‎
“My grandparents explained that they didn't like show-offs. They didn't admire braggarts or bullies,” he said. “They didn't respect mean-spiritedness, or folks who were always looking for shortcuts in life. Instead, they valued traits like honesty and ...

Meeting of 2 Minds on Worker Safety as Path to Profit

Insurance Journal - ‎vor 15 Stunden‎
We created exclusive safety groups and some unique processes to help clients optimize their productivity and profits, and to keep their employees working and safe,” he told Insurance Journal of his business.

Dem convention speeches Day 3: CNN's Reality Check Team vets...

KPRC Houston - ‎vor 14 Stunden‎
As we reported last week on a similar claim made by Obama, the best measure that we have of how many people try to enter the country illegally is how many of those people are apprehended each year, according to the United States Border Patrol.

LPL Financial Announces Second Quarter 2016 Results

Yahoo Finance - ‎vor 6 Minuten‎
"We also had good growth in the quarter with assets and advisors both up." Casady continued, "We continue to invest in service, technology, and other capabilities to help our advisors and their clients. We are committed to being a source of strength ...

At Visionary Companies, Storytelling Runs Deep

The Content Standard by Skyword - ‎vor 8 Stunden‎
How would we teach our contributors and creatives to be great storytellers? How would we use story across the organization to improve each function, from product planning to client services, from finance to development, from operations to HR? We ...

ExlService Holdings (EXLS) CEO Rohit Kapoor on Q2 2016 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

Seeking Alpha - ‎vor 2 Stunden‎
In addition, we received multiple recognitions from industry analysts and advisors for our Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Accounting and Analytics business. We also good progress on expanding client relationships in the first half of 2016 with our ...

Trump's Pence problem

Politico - ‎27.07.2016‎
Well, she is insatiably curious, she's a natural leader, she's a good organizer, and the best darn change-maker I have ever met in my entire life,' Clinton said, as attendees raised signs and cheered. ... THIS MORNING ON POLITICO PRO FINANCIAL SERVICES ...

Leidos Holdings (LDOS) Roger A. Krone on Q2 2016 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

Seeking Alpha - ‎vor 2 Stunden‎
Thank you, Rob, and good morning, everyone. I'd like to welcome you to our second quarter 2016 earnings conference call.

Bank of England policymaker backs stimulus as UK economy worsens – as it happened

The Guardian - ‎26.07.2016‎
In sum, the US data seems to point to a possible rate rise this year, which has not been lost on the stock market. Wall Street has now lost ground, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average now down 80 points or 0.44%.

IFP Announces No Borders, Spotlight on Docs Feature Films for IFP Film Week

Filmmaker Magazine - ‎27.07.2016‎
Announced for the first time are the screenplays comprising the No Borders program, for projects seeking financing, and the doc works-in-progress seeking completion funds in Spotlight on Docs. They join the previously announced features in post ...

Statoil CEO Is 'Very Confident' Oil Will Reach $50-60 a Barrel

Bloomberg - ‎27.07.2016‎
“The market will find a balance in the course of this year,” Saetre said in a separate interview in Oslo after a press conference.

Theory to Practice: Siegel and Waring on Retirement Spending Rules

CFA Institute Enterprising Investor (blog) - ‎26.07.2016‎
Wealth managers can help their clients structure investment programs to avoid these unwanted outcomes by undertaking the careful work of balancing risks, returns, and spending. At the 2016 Financial Analysts Seminar, Laurence B. Siegel and M. Barton ...

PBOC Steps in to Cool Money Market as Rates Surge to April High

Bloomberg - ‎26.07.2016‎
Corporate tax payments are estimated to drain about 400 billion yuan from the financial system this month as commercial lenders park funds at the central bank.

Forrester Research's (FORR) CEO George Colony on Q2 2016 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

Seeking Alpha - ‎vor 19 Stunden‎
Good afternoon and thank you for joining today's call. With me today are George Colony, Forrester's Chairman of the Board and CEO; Michael Morhardt, Forrester's Chief Sales Officer and Mike Doyle, Forrester's Chief Financial Officer. George will open ...

BOJ Expectations Reach Fever Pitch at Yen Trading Desks: Chart

Bloomberg - ‎26.07.2016‎
With no one sure which way the BOJ will jump, expectations for swings in the dollar-yen rate over one week surged the most since 1995 last Friday, and the difference between implied and realized volatility reached the widest since the 2008 financial ...

Cheap Money Gives BP CEO Dudley Scope to Pile on a Bit More Debt

Bloomberg - ‎26.07.2016‎
“Money is so cheap right now,” Chief Executive Officer Bob Dudley said in an interview on Tuesday, after reporting net debt rose 25 percent to $30.9 billion in the year through June.

Acadia Realty Trust's (AKR) CEO Ken Bernstein on Q2 2016 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

Seeking Alpha - ‎vor 21 Stunden‎
Good afternoon and thank you for joining us for the second quarter 2016 Acadia Realty Trust earnings conference call. My name is Liva ... Please see Acadia's earnings press release posted on its website for reconciliations of these non-GAAP financial ...

Brazil Swaps Rise on Bets Inflation Fight to Delay Rate Cuts

Bloomberg - ‎26.07.2016‎
The central bank is taking a cautious stance while it waits for clarity on the implementation of spending cuts proposed by Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles. The central bank's five board members all expressed concern about inflation expectations, ...

EverBank in Advanced Takeover Talks With Undisclosed Bidder

Bloomberg - ‎26.07.2016‎
EverBank was among a number of small banks that raised money from private-equity firms to stabilize balance sheets after the financial crisis. Its two largest investors are buyout firms Sageview Capital LP, which held more than 8 percent of its ...