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Associate Design Engineer

On street design, city pressing state to bend

Arkansas Online - ‎vor 3 Stunden‎
... now the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department is standing in the way of us making it more safe," said Petty, chairman of the council's transportation committee and development associate with the University of Arkansas Community Design ...


Republican & Herald - ‎vor 4 Stunden‎
Zachary has accepted a position with Systems Design Engineering, Leesport, and will serve as a civil engineer. Univ. of ... Michael J. Wallace, Pottsville, earned an associate degree in criminal justice, and Mara C. Wolfe, Ringtown, earned a bachelor's ...


Youngstown Vindicator - ‎vor 8 Stunden‎
In this role, he will assist the firm's municipal clients with their infrastructure design needs, but he also will be responsible for business development, quality control and operations tasks.

business people

Hutchinson News - ‎vor 12 Stunden‎
BUHLER - IdeaTek Telcom announced that Kendall Allender has been hired for the position of network engineer. Allender will maintain and design core network electronics for IdeaTek's fiber-optic infrastructure. A Hutchinson resident, Allender brings ...

Workers stand up for their well-being - ‎vor 8 Stunden‎
Alternatively, you can also move your desk to a hightop table or create a makeshift standing desk by stacking books underneath the computer, as ContainerShip senior software engineer Nick Tate did a few years ago. Now he has a more traditional standing ...

A river view, now less risky, completes the picture - ‎vor 5 Stunden‎
But it was a less pleasing view - that of their cottage's living room under three feet of water and the stairway collapsed - that prompted them to go ahead with a design plan that took two years, two architects, and several engineers to accomplish. The ...

Final Fantasy III Retrospective: Hope You Like Losing Progress

Kotaku Australia - ‎vor 9 Stunden‎
The third Final Fantasy, originally released for the NES in 1990, expanded on the design of its predecessors to introduce many of the ideas we associate with the series today. Although it wouldn't come to the west until 16 years later, Final Fantasy ...

MSU engineering grant helps smooth ride for atomic nuclei through FRIB

MSUToday - ‎22.07.2016‎
“We'd like to develop a predictive model that would allow a designer to build a cavity with a particular design that maximizes its efficiency and performance.” He said the number of atomic-scale defects in the niobium affects how much heat is ... Other ...

People in business for Sunday, July 24

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle - ‎vor 6 Stunden‎
Hanson, a Montana native and graduate of Montana State University boasts a collection of marketing, strategic planning and implementation, branding, design and project management experience. A graduate of Montana State University, Kirkland ... Hanson ...

Price Tag for North Pond Revamp Could Be $12 Million

DNAinfo - ‎22.07.2016‎
“The pond itself is loved to death,” Jacob Blue of Ayres Associates said during the meeting at the school, 330 W. Webster Ave.

Can Canada's currency printer thrive as 'cashless society' looms?

Ottawa Citizen - ‎22.07.2016‎
... payment apps. Associate business editor James Bagnall examines the forces producing cash's decline and how Ottawa's bank note printer will adapt.

Study: Standing good for the body and brain

Waterloo Record - ‎22.07.2016‎
Alternatively, you can also move your desk to a high-top table or create a makeshift standing desk by stacking books underneath the computer, as ContainerShip senior software engineer Nick Tate did a few years ago. Now he has a more ... It was not a ...

Industry News: Week of 7.18.16

Healthcare Design - ‎22.07.2016‎
Robert White, RA, is a senior healthcare planner and brings 18 years of experience and owner's perspective from the time he worked in the health system's design and construction department. He has experience in all aspects of healthcare renovation and ...

Keck Foundation Supports New Biomedical Engineering Program

CSUF News - ‎21.07.2016‎
"The dependency of California on the biomedical sector is ever growing - and more biomedical engineers must be produced to fulfill this industry demand," said Sang June Oh, interim associate dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science, who ...

Growing season

MIT News - ‎19.07.2016‎
CEE Associate Professor Ruben Juanes, director of the Henry L. Pierce Laboratory for Infrastructure Science and Engineering, gave a deep-dive, technical review of his lab's research at the intersection of water, soil, and infrastructure. His work ...

Otaigbe Elected Fellow of National Academy of Engineering in Nigeria

Southern Miss Now - ‎22.07.2016‎
From 1994-2002, he influenced the design of the materials engineering curriculum at Iowa State University to include polymer engineering option. Otaigbe earned his Ph.D. from the University of Manchester Institute of ... Otaigbe joined the College of ...

Arming Synthetic Bacteria Against Cancer

The Scientist - ‎20.07.2016‎
“And attempts to engineer bacteria for therapeutic and other purposes are also many,” said Shibin Zhou, an associate professor of oncology at Johns Hopkins, who penned an accompanying perspective. “What is new here is a genetic circuit that allows ...

'Taking on Student Loan Debt Is a CHOICE' 'Working 80 Hours a Week Leaves ...

The Atlantic - ‎20.07.2016‎
I grew up in a lower-middle class setting: My father was an engineer, my mother a teacher's aide, then a teacher. I never had to worry about food on the table, much less a roof over my head, but there was no room for extras.

Really? You don't look like a scientist.

ResearchGate (blog) - ‎20.07.2016‎
A recent paper in the journal Sex Roles reveals that people viewing photos of real researchers are more likely to associate women with non-science occupations if they appear more feminine. Lead author Sarah ... RG: Can you briefly describe the design ...

Knowles knows what it's like to break new ground

Plastics News - ‎19.07.2016‎
From the pictures on her desk to her cherished childhood memories, Knowles says he is the engineering manager/chief design engineer who inspired her both as a child and an adult. It was her father from whom she sought advice on engineering challenges ...