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Al Qaeda claims attack on Burkina Fas...

Bridget Johnson: Is ISIS 'on the run'? If so, it's no comfort

New York Daily News - ‎23.07.2016‎
There's been a lot of debate devoted to the terms that President Obama and his administration do and don't use to describe ISIS and Al Qaeda: radical Islamist vs. radical jihadist vs. the broader term “violent extremist.” Yet while we obsess over ...

Update: More Details Emerge About Attack On German Train

Refinery29 - ‎19.07.2016‎
Burkina Faso January 15, 2016 - In the 2016 Ouagadougou attack Islamist gunmen armed with heavy weapons attacked the Cappuccino restaurant and the Splendid Hotel in the heart of Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. 20+ killed. 15+ injured.[224]