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Sheryl Sandberg


"Der Tod meines Mannes hat mich verändert" - ‎17.05.2016‎
Sheryl Sandberg hatte in ihrem Buch „Lean In: Frauen und der Wille zum Erfolg“ (2013) die These vertreten, dass Frauen sich nur anstrengen müssten, um ihre Karriere voranzutreiben. An Muttertag war sie zuletzt etwas zurückgerudert, indem sie schreib, ...

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg meets Harvard grads after being voted chief marshal

Daily Mail - ‎26.05.2016‎
Sheryl Sandberg headed back to school on Thursday, finding time in her busy schedule to fly across the country and serve as Chief Marshal at the graduation ceremony for her alma mater, Harvard.

How Richard Branson, Sheryl Sandberg and Gary Vaynerchuk Cut Through the ...

Entrepreneur - ‎26.05.2016‎
From Richard Branson to Elon Musk and Gary Vaynerchuk to Sheryl Sandberg, more and more contemporary CEOs are spending as much time in the spotlight as they are in the boardroom.

8 Inspiring Women Leaders Share Their Best Advice For 2016 Grads

Fortune - ‎25.05.2016‎
From Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's deeply personal testament to the power of resilience, to Senator Elizabeth Warren's (D-MA) rallying cry to fight for what you believe in, you couldn't ask for better words to launch grads into the next stage of their ...

Leaning In from Harvard Yard to Facebook: Sheryl K. Sandberg '91

Harvard Crimson - ‎24.05.2016‎
When Sheryl K. Sandberg '91 “bounced” onto campus during Harvard's Opening Days freshman orientation program, her friends immediately knew she was a force to be reckoned with.

The new side of Sheryl Sandberg is something to celebrate

The Guardian - ‎18.05.2016‎
In the commencement speech, Sandberg reiterated the difficulty of her last 12 months, and, because she is Sheryl Sandberg, extrapolated a motivational message from it: a hope that the students might “learn in life the lessons that I only learned in death”.

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook chief, speaks from the heart at Commencement 2016

UC Berkeley - ‎16.05.2016‎
“Many of you have already experienced the kind of tragedy and hardship that leaves an indelible mark,” said Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg to Berkeley's 2016 graduating class. “What I want to talk about today is what you do next ...

Dear Sheryl Sandberg: Welcome to My World

Huffington Post - ‎23.05.2016‎
Ten years ago, I started over with two children, two months of outstanding mortgage payments, an empty refrigerator, and $120.00. My marriage was over and I began parenting alone with little to no support.

Why Everyone's Talking About Sheryl Sandberg's Powerful Commencement ...

Verily - ‎19.05.2016‎
As the class of 2016 graduated across the nation last weekend, they were ushered into the world of unsupervised adulthood by graduation speakers who ranged from poets to pundits to politicians.

Hillary Clinton And Sheryl Sandberg Agree: This Is The Most Important ...

Forbes - ‎18.05.2016‎
What is the most important personality trait a person can have? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.

What Sheryl Sandberg, Brad Feld, and Ted Rheingold Know About Being ... - ‎18.05.2016‎
When Sheryl Sandberg chose to speak about the very personal loss of her husband, Dave Goldberg, during her UC Berkeley 2016 Commencement Speech, her vulnerability and authenticity inspired and moved a global audience far beyond those who were ...

Sheryl Sandberg's Emotional Message About Husband's Death

Bloomberg - ‎16.05.2016‎
Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg shared what she learned from her husband Dave Goldberg's death during a graduation speech at the University of California at Berkeley on Saturday.

Correction: Sheryl Sandberg-Commencement Speech story

The Denver Post - ‎16.05.2016‎
BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) - In a story May 14 about a commencement speech by Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg and previous stories about the death of her husband, Dave Goldberg, The Associated Press reported erroneously the cause of his death.

Ali Wong And Sheryl Sandberg Caricature Women

The Federalist - ‎16.05.2016‎
Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook, wrote an entire book on the subject, “Lean In.” Because we can have it all, we should want it all.

Why I 'Lean All The Way In' As A Single Mother

Huffington Post - ‎15.05.2016‎
Despite having this problem myself, Sandberg's book inspired me as a single mother and I decided LAWFI (Lean All the Way the Fuck In).

What Sheryl Sandberg, Jim Gaffigan, And Clarence Thomas Tell Us About ...

The Federalist - ‎16.05.2016‎
Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's chief operating officer and author of “Lean In,” spoke at the University of California, Berkeley, on Saturday.

What after Sheryl Sandberg's Insider Sale of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Stock?

The Post - ‎27.05.2016‎
Sheryl Sandberg, the insider, who is the present Chief Operating Officer of Facebook Inc unloaded exactly 109,000 shares of the company valued by the market at approximately $12,986,877 USD totalled based on 119.1 USD per share.

How work-life balance became work all the time

Washington Post - ‎20.05.2016‎
She chose two words as guiding wisdom for professional women seeking “it all” - a profitable career and a happy family. But Sheryl Sandberg is increasingly recognizing that leaning in isn't quite as easy as she made it seem. In an apologetic Mother's ...

Facebook Inc (FB) Files Form 4 Insider Selling : Sheryl Sandberg Sells 109000 ...

Market Digest - ‎28.05.2016‎
Facebook Inc (FB): Sheryl Sandberg , Chief Operating Officer of Facebook Inc sold 109,000 shares on May 26, 2016. The Insider selling transaction was reported by the company on May 27, 2016 to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg urges graduates to build resilience - ‎15.05.2016‎
Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg encouraged graduating seniors at the University of California, Berkeley to persevere in life's challenging times, speaking publicly for the first time about her husband's death during a commencement speech.