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Sarah Jessica Parker


'Sex and the City': Eigentlich sollte Lisa Edelstein Sarah Jessica Parkers ..., Star News - ‎04.02.2016‎
All die Jahre hat sie geschwiegen und offenbar ziemlich gelitten, nun hat Lisa Edelstein, bekannt als Dr. Lisa Cuddy aus der TV-Serie 'Dr. House', erstmals offen in der TV-Sendung 'Access Hollywood' darüber gesprochen: Eigentlich sollte SIE die Rolle ...

Is Sarah Jessica Parker buying not one – but two – new Village homes?

The Real Deal Magazine - ‎08.02.2016‎
Less than a year after selling her West 10th Street townhouse, Sarah Jessica Parker, who played Bradshaw in “Sex and the City,” is said to be buying two other pads on West 11th Street.

Kendall Jenner, Sarah Jessica Parker, and More Bring Back the Breezy Blowout - ‎07.02.2016‎
While there's no cozier beauty statement than heading to brunch with fuzzy, slept-in waves, it's hard to resist the glorious sense of put-togetherness that a glossy blowout imparts, especially when a gusty day acts like a built-in wind machine.

Sarah Jessica Parker spotted checking out West Village luxury condo

New York Post - ‎04.02.2016‎
After selling their 1846 West Village townhouse at 20 E. 10th St. at a loss last year for $18.25 million, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick - who reportedly never lived in that property - are on the house hunt just a bit farther west. Modal ...

Sarah Jessica Parker claims she would be too embarrassed to ever post a selfie

The Independent - ‎03.02.2016‎
Sarah Jessica Parker has said she would be too embarrassed to ever “post a selfie” on social media. The Sex and the City actress has shunned the millennial craze in an interview with Yahoo!

Sarah Jessica Parker braves the snow in heels on the NYC set of HBO's Divorce

Daily Mail - ‎02.02.2016‎
The four-time Golden Globe winner - who turns 51 next month - looked cold wearing an open red-patterned coat and b&w dress. The Escape from Planet Earth actress - who woke up at 4am - produces and stars as Frances, a woman whose husband (Thomas ...

Film Review: 'All Roads Lead to Rome'

Variety - ‎05.02.2016‎
Sarah Jessica Parker flies from New York to Italy for a picturesque getaway under the Tuscan sun, but Hollywood cliches follow her through customs in “All Roads Lead to Rome,” a combination romance, farce and road movie that whiffs in all three ...

Sarah Jessica Parker on Whether Carrie Marrying Big Was a Mistake - ‎01.02.2016‎
But Sarah Jessica Parker, a.k.a. Carrie, had a different perspective when asked what she thought of Star's remarks during an interview with Yahoo Style.

Sarah Jessica Parker Weighs In on Whether Carrie Should Have Married Mr. Big

Us Weekly - ‎02.02.2016‎
So many feels! After Sex and the City creator Darren Star said last month that Carrie shouldn't have ended up with Mr. Big, star Sarah Jessica Parker weighed in on the widely debated topic. "As I recall, the way Carrie and Big married was something she ...

Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals the Secret to Dealing with Haters

Just Jared - ‎04.02.2016‎
I'll come on and say, 'We don't have to all jump in because I find that mob mentality terrifying and disappointing,'” Sarah Jessica said. “I can't bear when women use bad language on my page, and I don't enjoy wagging my finger and I don't relish a ...

Manolo Blahnik: Liebeserklärung an Karlie Kloss

Abendzeitung München - ‎vor 1 Stunde‎
Manolo Blahnik kommt gar nicht mehr aus dem Schwärmen von seiner neuen Muse Karlie Kloss raus. Was wohl 'Sex and the City'-Star Sarah Jessica Parker dazu sagen wird...? New York - Manolo Blahnik kann gar nicht genug von Karlie Kloss bekommen.

Sarah Jessica Parker Defends SATC Ending - ‎06.02.2016‎
Following SATC creator Darren Star's comments over how he felt Carrie finding love “betrayed” the core values of the show, series star Sarah Jessica Parker has defended the storyline, saying, “I don't think of it as someone diminishing herself”. She ...

Sarah Jessica Parker reveals what terrifies her most about raising daughters - ‎05.02.2016‎
When we had the chance to chat with Parker about the new film and the relationship between its mother-daughter duo, we were curious to know what terrifies her most about raising young women.

Sarah Jessica Parker: «Il matrimonio non sminuisce Carrie»

Vanity - ‎07.02.2016‎
2 | 30Sarah Jessica Parker è Carrie Bradshaw (1998-2004) Oggi, l'icona-glam SJP firma le fetish Manolo Blahnik. Ha trovato il suo Mr. Big in Matthew Broderick, sposato nel'97 e dal quale ha avuto tre figli. Il suo ruolo fu proposto a Dana Delany che ...

Jessica Alba - Ihre kleine Tochter (4) ist schon so groß - ‎09.02.2016‎
Ungewohnt offen! Jessica Alba (34) macht zwar kein großes Geheimnis um ihre Familie, besonders viele Fotos von ihren Töchtern Haven (4) und Honor (7) postet sie allerdings auch nicht gerade auf Instagram und Co. Doch das soll sich nun offenbar ändern!

EXCLUSIVE: Sparks Fly Between Sarah Jessica Parker and Italian Hunk in New ...

Celebuzz - ‎04.02.2016‎
In this brand new clip from All Roads Lead to Rome, Maggie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her rebellious daughter Summer (Rosie Day) arrive at their vacation spot, a cottage in the Italian countryside, when who should arrive but Luca (Raoul Bova), a former ...

Išskirtinės 50-metės Sarah Jessica Parker stiliaus pamokos – tapkite ikona - ‎08.02.2016‎
Nors aktorei Sarah Jessicai Parker jau 50 metų, žvaigždė atrodo tiesiog nepriekaištingai. Vis dėlto serialo „Seksas ir miestas“ žvaigždė savo išvaizdai ir spintai skiria daug dėmesio, tačiau išduoda, kad jos sėkmės paslaptis – kiekvienai prieinama.

11 Iconic Beauties Who Prove That Blonde Hair and Dark Roots Were Made for ... - ‎03.02.2016‎
These days, hair chameleons like Sky Ferreira nod to the look's rocker roots (literally), while Sarah Jessica Parker, who jump-started its natural-looking cousin, the “bronde” trend, during her Carrie Bradshaw years, continues to riff on the look to ...

Sarah Jessica Parker on Her New Film, All Roads Lead to Rome, and Love of ...

InStyle - ‎01.02.2016‎
Sarah Jessica Parker may call New York City home, but the former Sex and the City star enjoys strolling in her Manolo Blahnik pumps outside of the Big Apple, too.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Selfie çekip paylaşmaktan utanıyorum

Hürriyet - ‎04.02.2016‎
Sex and The City dizisiyle üne kavuşan ünlü oyuncu Sarah Jessica Parker, Yahoo!'ya verdiği röportajda selfie çekmenin kendisini utandırdığını söyledi. 04 Şubat 2016 - 11:47:00. Sarah Jessica Parker: Selfie çekip paylaşmaktan utanıyorum ...