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„Man of Steel“ & „Pacific Rim“ im August auf Ultra HD Blu-ray?

Area DVD - ‎03.05.2016‎
Warner veröffentlicht laut Angaben von im August „Man of Steel“ und „Pacific Rim“ auf Ultra HD Blu-ray. Laut Amazon soll „Man of Steel“ ab dem 4. August und „Pacific Rim“ ab dem 25. August erhältlich sein. Weitere Informationen liegen noch ...

"Pacific Rim" Reloaded: Fede Alvarez entfesselt "Monsterpocalypse" - ‎03.05.2016‎
2010 gab es einen ersten Versuch, es zu verfilmen, mit Tim Burton als Regisseur und John August (Big Fish) als Drehbuchautor. Damals wurde der Film regelrecht von Pacific Rim zertrampelt und die Entwicklung eingestellt, zu ähnlich waren sich die beiden ...

Suspect in Independence Township tire, rim theft at large after escaping arrest

The Oakland Press - ‎vor 5 Stunden‎
A suspect in a reported tire and rim theft is at large after leading officers on an early morning chase and escaping arrest in Independence Township.

'Roots of the Pacific Rim' Grow on Mercer Island For $3.5M

Curbed Seattle - ‎vor 13 Stunden‎
In 2003, Joseph Greif Architects were presented with a challenge on Mercer Island. They had to design a brand-new luxury home on a 1.5-acre site that's practically all steep slope.

Grant will restore tiny part of Rim burn

Modesto Bee - ‎vor 11 Stunden‎
An $842,000 grant will pay for meadow restoration and other work on a tiny part of the area scorched by the Rim Fire. The Sierra Nevada Conservancy, a state agency, awarded the money to Yosemite Stanislaus Solutions, a coalition of the timber industry, ...

Volcano Watch: Driving and walking Crater Rim Drive is an explosive experience

Hawaii 24/7 (press release) - ‎vor 10 Stunden‎
Layers of explosive deposits erupted from Kīlauea Volcano in 17th and 18th centuries are visible in a road cut just beyond the gate at Keanakākoʻi Crater.

Flugkörperschießen der Marine im Norden Norwegens

bundeswehr-journal - ‎26.04.2016‎
Rostock/Adenes (Norwegen). Die deutsche Marine führt seit dem 18. April im Bereich des Andøya Test Centers in Norwegen ein Flugkörperschießen durch. An der zwölftägigen Gefechtsübung im Seegebiet vor Andenes, der nördlichsten Ortschaft auf der ...

Rim Shot at the Buzzer for Prieto's AC Bill?

PolitickerNJ - ‎vor 16 Stunden‎
Assemblyman John Wisniewski, left, huddles up with Assemblyman Troy Singleton on the floor of the Assembly ahead of Thursday's session.

Problemi s koljenom Nakon Monte Carla i Madrida, Marin Čilić otkazao i Rim

Večernji list - ‎vor 1 Stunde‎
Nakon Monte Carla i Madrida, Marin Čilić otkazao i Rim. U Rimu će nas tako predstavljati Ivo Karlović i Borna Ćorić, a u kvalifikacijama će se okušati Ivan Dodig. 1 pregleda. Tweet · Nakon Monte Carla i Madrida, Marin Čilić otkazao i Rim. Foto: Reuters ...

Book tells real stories of Scenic Rim farmers

The Queensland Times - ‎04.05.2016‎
SCENIC RIM farmers are the heroes of a new book by leading Queensland chef Brenda Fawdon and writer Christine Sharp. The book, Eat Local - Food, Farming and Conversation in the Scenic Rim, is set to be released in line with the launch of Scenic Rim's ...

Don't Turn Left! Rim Riding On Moab Cliffs

Gear Junkie (blog) - ‎04.05.2016‎
Mountain bikers Nate Hills and Kyle Mears jump gaps and bomb ledges beside a 400-foot vertical drop. Dizzying heights don't seem to bother the rock-hopping duo as they hug the cliff's edge and capturing some incredible video of pushing the limits.

Rim Fire Recovery Efforts Garner $842000 Grant - ‎04.05.2016‎
Sonora, CA - Rim Fire restoration efforts are $842,000 richer today, courtesy of a grant from the Sierra Nevada Conservancy to support targeted activities underway.

Europska unija na dva dana seli u Rim

Hrvatska radiotelevizija - ‎vor 15 Stunden‎
Glavni europski dužnosnici danas i sutra su u Rimu kako bi razgovarali o talijanskoj zabrinutosti i njihovim prijedlozima vezanima uz problem migranata te kako bi papi Franji predali uglednu europsku nagradu Charlemagne. Njemačka kancelarka Angela ...

Rich Cho Says that the Charlotte Hornets Could Use a Rim Protecting Big Man

Swarm and Sting - ‎04.05.2016‎
General manager, Rich Cho, says that the Charlotte Hornets could use a rim protector next season as they look ahead to free agency.

Ring of Fire: Five myths about Pacific Rim, earthquakes, volcanoes and faults

Alaska Dispatch News - ‎01.05.2016‎
A tragic month along the tectonic subduction zones that surround the Pacific Rim has also been a spellbinding one for seismologists.

Waterloo's RIM Park hosting skills competition

570 News - ‎02.05.2016‎
Over 2,000 students will compete in areas such as 3D animation, welding, baking and auto service and beyond. It's a chance for students in the Region of Waterloo to showcase their talents when it comes to skilled trades.

WATCH: LeBron James detonates the rim in Game 1 against the Hawks - ‎02.05.2016‎
The fast break in the NBA is supposed to include multiple passes. Guys running the floor hard are supposed to trust that the give-and-go will lead to an easy bucket.

Rim shot! Sarah Palin slams Ted Cruz's basketball faux pas

CNN - ‎27.04.2016‎
While campaigning, Cruz asked an aide to measure the "basketball rim" in the court -- a reference to the movie -- and then later said "basketball ring.

Five myths about the Pacific Rim

Washington Post - ‎28.04.2016‎
The scariest likely scenario is a temblor that hits the heart of Los Angeles, the San Francisco bay area, Seattle, Portland or Vancouver, not the nearby Pacific Rim oceanfront. 3. Earthquakes often trigger volcanic eruptions. According to the laws of ...

Kawhi Leonard Couldn't See The Rim When He Made This Reverse Left ...

UPROXX - ‎02.05.2016‎
Yes, Kawhi Leonard is one of the several best basketball players in the world. Yes, he's an incredibly well-balanced athletes.