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Kim Dotcom


Kazakhstan, Seeking Hacker Identities, Takes on Kim Dotcom

The Diplomat - ‎12.05.2016‎
A court in Auckland ruled Thursday that Mega–a cloud storage and file sharing service launched by Kim Dotcom–needs to provide contract, account, and payment information, as well as IP and email addresses of users implicated in the 2014 leak of Kazakh ...

Megaupload: Ex-Hoster warnt, dass Festplatten unlesbar werden

WinFuture - ‎19.05.2016‎
Die Aktion gegen Megaupload wurde Anfang 2012 durchgeführt, die diversen Verfahren gegen die ehemaligen Betreiber, allen voran Kim Dotcom, sind aber noch lange nicht abgeschlossen. Einer der Hoster von damals, Cogent, hat nun aber laut ...

Kazakhstan jails online editor for 'spreading false information'

The Guardian - ‎24.05.2016‎
Astana has had more luck in New Zealand, home to the servers used by hackers to upload their documents. Earlier this month the high court in Auckland ordered Mega, a company founded by Kim Dotcom that provides anonymised cloud-based data services, ...

File hosting service Mega forced to give user data to US court

RT - ‎13.05.2016‎
Mega was founded by the entrepreneur Kim Dotcom in 2013, as a successor to Megaupload, which was shut down by the US Department of Justice for alleged copyright infringement in 2012.

No takers for Auckland's $35 million 'Dotcom' mansion - ‎14.05.2016‎
New Zealand's most expensive house, built by Chrisco multi-millionaire Richard Bradley, is up for tender. It became famous during Bradley's tenure there, but really hit the headlines after Kim Dotcom moved in. And yet the publicity around a house which ...

Tencent in Talks to Buy Supercell Stake From SoftBank, WSJ Says

Bloomberg - ‎23.05.2016‎
... 25 billion yuan ($3.8 billion) in the March quarter. In 2014, the company invested $126 million in Glu Mobile Inc. the San Francisco-based company that has produced smartphone games featuring Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry. ... A scandal in the ...

New GCSB director Andrew Hampton - a consummate public servant - ‎23.05.2016‎
The change has been difficult and necessary; the story of the GCSB's bungled spy craft in relation to German entrepreneur Kim Dotcom is now history, but it remains dogged in controversy as the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security, Cheryl Gwyn ...

Facebook tweaking 'Trending Topics'

Politico - ‎24.05.2016‎
Ted Cruz, who has written repeatedly about his concerns. He's also opposed the DOTCOM Act, a bill that would let the oversight transition proceed unless Congress votes it down.

You are here - ‎vor 3 Stunden‎
Dot com. And now. Good Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against hill leads Smart bobbled it turned into who's buried.

Julian Johnston Has Just Listed a Miami Beach Luxury Waterfront Home ...

Press Release Rocket - ‎vor 10 Stunden‎
Celebrity couple, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, were hosted at a six bedroom modern masterpiece on Venetian Islands while visiting Miami recently for a friend's wedding.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 24, 2016

Benzinga - ‎24.05.2016‎, relied on by over 25 million (comScore, 2016) consumers for health and wellness information, today announced it is partnering with The diaTribe Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with diabetes and ...

The trailer for David Farrier's documentary "Tickled". - ‎21.05.2016‎
I knew him from twitter, and I'd met him briefly at Kim Dotcom's house at some kind of media event. I was impressed with Dylan's brains, and his fantastic beard.

Key ends week deeply satisfied

Radio New Zealand - ‎13.05.2016‎
OPINION: National Party strategists credit Kim Dotcom with the relative ease of John Key's third election victory. Were it not for Mr Dotcom's bizarre "Moment of Truth" conspiracy theory, Mr Key's third term would have depended on the grace of the ...

MegaUpload data potentially lost as aging hard drives fail, say lawyers

Complete Music Update - ‎19.05.2016‎
Hey, it's nearly four and a half years since US authorities took down MegaUpload and began proceedings to extradite key execs, including big boss Kim Dotcom, from New Zealand. And yet still pretty much nothing has happened since then, except for some ...

Court Report: Hacked off

The National Business Review - ‎18.05.2016‎
In March, NBR covered an Auckland High Court hearing in which the Kazakhstan government sought to obtain evidence from Mega, founded by Kim Dotcom. This followed an alleged hacking of its computer systems and email accounts, from which highly ...

Spazzing Out - Gina - 5-23-16 - ‎23.05.2016‎
Or you can book online at take junk dot com hi I went into marketing skill I guess I I should've known as because I've worked in Rio for years and apparently.

Influencers, inventors and international relations: on the ground at the Tripartite ...

The Spinoff - ‎16.05.2016‎
Cassell, who as @Prosyndicate has 2.1 million Twitter followers, entertained that audience with praise of New Zealanders, tales of being driven around in Kim Dotcom's car and his interactions with the “coolest mayor in the world” - Los Angeles' Eric ...

How rich is Trump? New estimates put his wealth far below what he claims

The National Business Review - ‎18.05.2016‎
And that what he does have is not particularly liquid; that is, on tap to spend in his race against "Crooked Hillary." Among other assets, including golf courses, Mr Trump owns a number of buildings, including five at exclusive addresses in Manhattan ...

Zven and Mithy join G2, Hybrid and Forg1ven to Origen

The Daily Dot - ‎18.05.2016‎
Just days after the conclusion of the Mid Season Invitational, Europe's representative at the event has completely swapped out its bottom lane.

Pemkab Tuban Siap Operasi Pasar

kota tuban (Siaran Pers) - ‎vor 5 Stunden‎
... antara suplai dan kebutuhan. “Upaya lain yang kami lakukan adalah berkoordinasi dengan agen dan distributor. Kalau suplai dan permintaan seimbang sudah barang tentu harga tidak terlalu bergejolak, sekalipun ada kenaikan harga,” tambahnya.