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John Lennon


Paul McCartney im BBC-Interview - Nach den Beatles kam der Absturz

Deutschlandfunk - ‎27.05.2016‎
Am Samstag wird es in voller Länge ausgestrahlt - aber schon jetzt verraten Auszüge auch einiges über McCartneys Verhältnis zu John Lennon - und seine Begeisterung für Kanye West. "Ich habe zur Flasche gegriffen, zum Whiskeyglas … zuerst war alles ...

Remembering Bob Dylan and John Lennon's Drugged-Out Limo Ride - ‎27.05.2016‎
By May 1966, John Lennon and Bob Dylan had become the only serious candidates for the newly conceived "Spokesman of a Generation" title.

Paul McCartney : J'aimais John Lennon comme un frère

Le Figaro - ‎vor 10 Stunden‎
Dans un long entretien accordé au Parisien et paru ce lundi 30 mai, l'artiste britannique revient ainsi sur son amour incommensurable pour la musique, sur sa relation avec John Lennon, qu'il «aimait comme un frère», et sur la nouvelle génération d ...

New Details Emerge About The Beatles' John Lennon and Paul McCartney's ...

Closer Weekly - ‎28.05.2016‎
Before they were worldwide sensations, The Beatles traveled between gigs at dive bars in Hamburg, Germany, in a rattling old van with a broken window.

On this day in Montreal: John Lennon and Yoko Ono's bed-in - ‎26.05.2016‎
On this day in Montreal - on May 26, 1969 - John Lennon and Yoko Ono kicked off their bed-in for peace at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in downtown Montreal.

The story of John Lennon's lost Gibson J-160E acoustic guitar - ‎26.05.2016‎
The story belongs in a film script - a man buys a used acoustic for a few dollars and plays it for years. Then, one fine day, he discovers he has in his possession one of the most important 'lost' guitars in rock history.

Sir Paul McCartney opens up on rift with John Lennon, depression and what's ... - ‎24.05.2016‎
The BBC's Maida Vale studios have played host to a plethora of stars and thousands of awe-inspiring live performances. But earlier this month, Studio Three had a very special show, even though it mainly consisted of just one man talking and only a few ...

Elvis Presley guitar and John Lennon lyrics auctioned

BBC News - ‎22.05.2016‎
A guitar that Elvis Presley was given by his father has sold for $334,000 (£230,000) at an auction in New York. It is thought that Vernon Presley changed the finish on the Gibson Dove to black after his son earned a black belt in karate.

Rare photos show John Lennon dressed as a woman with wife Yoko Ono Sean

Daily Mail - ‎20.05.2016‎
A remarkable set of family photos that show John Lennon larking around and dressing as a woman in 19th century costume have emerged for sale.

Sir Elton John compares husband David Furnish to John Lennon's wife Yoko Ono

Daily Mail - ‎21.05.2016‎
He said he planned to take up an offer to meet the real Putin after he was fooled by prank callers into thinking he was talking to the Russian president.

Hollywood in der hessischen Provinz: Johnny Depp lässt Goldzähne blitzen NACHRICHTEN - ‎vor 7 Stunden‎
The Hollywood Vampires - so hieß damals nämlich ein Celebrity-Sauf-Club, den Cooper mit Kollegen wie Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon und Jim Morrison gegründet hatte. Wollte man böse sein, könnte man sagen, dass die Hollywood Vampires das wohl auch ...

Being John Lennon: Madison native Nate Bott finds a Fab new musical career - ‎17.05.2016‎
Bott said that his approach mixes impersonation and interpretation (“I think the audience knows that I'm not John Lennon.”) He said audiences always have to go through something of a mental transition, a leap of faith, when they're watching a tribute band.

Liverpool's players look glum as they touch down at John Lennon airport after ... - ‎19.05.2016‎
Captain Jordan Henderson, who was an unused substitute in Basel, trudged off the plane at Liverpool's John Lennon airport looking suitably stony-faced, as did Adam Lallana, who was also snapped looking unimpressed.

Why Kate Beckinsale confuses her father's death with John Lennon's

Ora TV - ‎20.05.2016‎
On Wednesday, acclaimed British actress Kate Beckinsale joined Larry King for a wide-ranging interview, featuring exchanges about her newest movie Love and Friendship, the upcoming installment of the Underworld film franchise, women's equality in ...

Die Digitalisierung der Welt – Brauchen wir die United Nations of Internet? - ‎vor 10 Stunden‎
Die Chancen stehen also nicht schlecht, denn wie wünschte es sich einst John Lennon in seiner Hymne für den Frieden:„Imagine all the people sharing all the world.“ Die Frage nach einem neuen digitalen Völkerrecht wird uns also weiter beschäftigen.

John Lennon's ancestry: Lennons of Liverpool re-examined with new findings - ‎23.05.2016‎
It has long been written that John Lennon's grandfather, John Lennon, known as “Jack”, was born in Ireland. Some sources said he was born in County Fermanagh, in Northern Ireland, while others gave his city of birth as Dublin, which is much further south.

Em entrevista reveladora, Paul McCartney fala sobre John Lennon e alcoolismo

Revista Cifras - ‎27.05.2016‎
Quem vê Paul McCartney nos dias de hoje, associa o ex-Beatle ao sucesso praticamente ininterrupto. Na ativa há mais de 50 anos, o músico conseguiu se manter relevante mesmo após o fim dos Beatles e trilhou uma carreira de sucesso, tanto com o Wings ...

Protestaktion in Stuttgart-Vaihingen: Eine Matratze als politisches Statement

Stuttgarter Zeitung - ‎29.05.2016‎
Vaihingen - Die Bilder sind bis heute legendär: Im März 1969 kuschelten Yoko Ono und John Lennon für den Frieden. Getreu dem Motto „Make love not war“ blieb das frisch verheiratet Paar eine Woche lang im Bett der Präsidentensuite im Hilton-Hotel in ...

Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley et John Lennon font monter les enchères

TF1 - ‎23.05.2016‎
Ils ont disparu depuis plusieurs années mais ils continuent de faire vendre. Durant leur vie, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley ou encore John Lennon étaient de vraies idoles. Ils ont atteint, depuis leur mort, le statut de légende. Lors d'une vente aux ...