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John Kerry

Offshore-Geschäfte: Auch John Kerry betrügt den Staat

Contra Magazin - ‎28.04.2016‎
In den von Soros und dem liberalen US-Establishment lancierten Panama-Papers finden sich keine hochrangigen US-Vertreter. Nun deckte eine konservative US-Seite die Geschäfte von US-Außenminister Kerry auf. Von Marco Maier. Möglichst viele Steuern ...

John Kerry and Donald Trump share the same foolish fixation

Washington Post (blog) - ‎28.04.2016‎
The Post reports: “Barely two months after the United States and Russia joined together to forge a partial cease-fire in Syria, cooperation between them, including on a long-term political solution to that country's civil war, is rapidly eroding.

John Kerry, Teresa Heinz Family Trusts Invest Heavily In Fossil Fuels

Daily Caller - ‎27.04.2016‎
Despite Secretary of State John Kerry's outspoken demand that America drastically reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, his family investments heavily favor oil, coal and natural gas companies while giving scant attention to renewable energy firms ...

John Kerry stops short of calling for military draft

GOPUSA - ‎vor 3 Stunden‎
Secretary of State John Kerry, speaking Wednesday evening at a conference in Austin on the Vietnam War, said he has “deep reservations” about the nation's all-volunteer military.

Syrien halb und halb: Was steht hinter Kerrys Idee zur Schaffung von ...

Sputnik Deutschland - ‎26.04.2016‎
„Die jüngste Verkündigung von John Kerry, man solle vereinbaren, wo eure und wo unsere Gebiete sind, die nicht berührt werden, und alles dazwischen kann gebombt werden – das ist eine etwas vereinfachte Herangehensweise. Prinzipiell ist doch der ...

John Kerry visits UT solar farm, talks renewable energy research

KEYE TV - ‎27.04.2016‎
United States Secretary of State John Kerry was in Austin Wednesday. He's scheduled to speak at the Vietnam War Summit at the LBJ Presidential Library Wednesday night.

John Kerry: Religion Is Vital for Foreign Policy, Look at ISIS Genocide of Christians

Christian Post - ‎27.04.2016‎
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that religion is a vital part of foreign policy and understanding how the world works, pointing out that some extremes can push people into war and genocide, while others use religion to search for peace.

John F. Kerry and the Vietnam War continue to be intertwined

Washington Post - ‎26.04.2016‎
Secretary of State John F. Kerry's career has long been intertwined with Vietnam, and the devastating, divisive war he fought in and against.

John Kerry's Money Sits in Offshore Accounts

Patriot Post - ‎28.04.2016‎
It must be awkward for Obama to learn that his own Sectary of State John Kerry has put millions of dollars in offshore accounts.

New Claims John Kerry Invested Money In Offshore Tax Havens

RadarOnline - ‎26.04.2016‎
John Kerry and his wife have been using secret offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes, according to a new report. A Daily Caller investigation has claimed that Kerry and his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, have used an “elaborate set of Heinz family trusts ...

Kerry Hails Arab Efforts in Fight Against Terrorism

Voice of America - ‎vor 14 Stunden‎
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday praised countries in the Middle East for working to bring political and economic change in the region.

John Kerry "scandalisé" par le bombardement d'un hôpital syrien

7sur7 - ‎vor 19 Stunden‎
... l'hôpital Al-Quds à Alep, soutenu à la fois par Reporters sans frontières et le Comité international de la Croix-Rouge, qui ont tué des dizaines de personnes, dont des enfants, des patients et du personnel médical", a indiqué M. Kerry dans un ...

John Kerry condemns barbaric murder of gay rights activist in Bangladesh

Deccan Chronicle - ‎26.04.2016‎
Washington: US Secretary of State John Kerry has condemned the "barbaric murder" of Julhash Mannan, the editor of a gay rights magazine, who also worked with the US embassy in Bangladesh.

John Kerry tugs at heartstrings at the Paris signing

Grist - ‎22.04.2016‎
Secretary of State John Kerry, ever the diplomat, sure knows how to melt our cold hearts on Earth Day. Representatives from 175 countries marked the occasion with a formal signing ceremony of the Paris climate agreement at the United Nations.

Kerry expresses outrage after 50 killed in strike on Syrian hospital

CNN - ‎vor 19 Stunden‎
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry condemned the attack and pointed a finger of blame at the Syrian government. "We are outraged by yesterday's airstrikes in Aleppo on the al Quds hospital supported by both Doctors Without Borders and the International ...

Alongside 174 Nations And Holding His Granddaughter, John Kerry Signs Paris ...

ThinkProgress - ‎22.04.2016‎
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry applauded the power of the agreement to “unleash the private sector” and send a signal to global markets that renewable energy and infrastructure are smart investments.

Kämpfe in Aleppo: Rebellen berichten von zweiter Krankenhaus-Attacke

DIE WELT - ‎vor 3 Stunden‎
... und US-Außenminister John Kerry machten Regierungstruppen für ihn verantwortlich. Kerry erklärte am Donnerstag, die Truppen der von Russland unterstützten Regierung von Baschar al-Assad griffen "offenbar absichtlich medizinische Einrichtungen" an.

US Secretary of State John Kerry to visit Nepal this year

Himalayan Times - ‎26.04.2016‎
KATHMANDU: US Secretary of State John Kerry said that he would visit Nepal by the end of this year. He made such statement during a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Kamal Thapa at the US State Department on Monday.

Secretary of State John Kerry's record-breaking travel log

Business Insider - ‎22.04.2016‎
John Kerry recently became the most traveled US secretary of state in history, narrowly edging past a previous record set by Condoleezza Rice under President George W. Bush.

John Kerry, Javad Zarif Meet at UN to Discuss Nuclear Deal's Implementation

Wall Street Journal - ‎19.04.2016‎
UNITED NATIONS—Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif met at the United Nations on Tuesday to discuss banking obstacles facing Iran in the implementation of the 2015 nuclear agreement, both officials said.