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John Boehner


There's an Alternative to the Boehner-Obama Budget Deal

Daily Signal - ‎vor 9 Stunden‎
It's a budget that embraces the spending agreement Obama negotiated with outgoing House Speaker John Boehner last year.

John Boehner heads into post-speaker life with $2.7 million in political cash

Washington Post - ‎31.01.2016‎
John A. Boehner may be gone from elective office, but the former House speaker headed into the political afterlife with more than $2.7 million in leftover political cash that he will use to remain active in helping his former colleagues in the Capitol ...

Major GOP donor and Obama critic failed to disclose donations to John Boehner - ‎29.01.2016‎
The Murray Energy Corp. PAC gave $35,000 to one of John Boehner's political committees but failed to disclose it, the PAC acknowledged in a new Federal Election Commission filing.

Butler County GOP to Honor John Boehner

700 WLW - ‎29.01.2016‎
(Hamilton, OH)-- Former House Speaker John Boehner will be honored in his home county in southwest Ohio at a GOP dinner in March.

Longtime Middletown chamber leader, teacher of Boehner dies

WHIO - ‎04.02.2016‎
Former Speaker of the House John Boehner with Middletown leaders, including Gary Cates and Dick Slagle (right), interim president of the Chamber of Commerce serving Middletown, Monroe, and Trenton.


FOCUS Online - ‎29.01.2016‎
„Was für ein Fiesling“, empört sich John Boehner, der frühere Präsident des US-Repräsentantenhauses. „Ein Demagoge“, warnt Republikaner-Senator Lindsey Graham. „Ich kann den Kerl nicht leiden“, gesteht Ex-US-Präsident George W. Bush.

Is John Kasich Really a Republican Who Liberals Can Love?

Slate Magazine - ‎vor 6 Stunden‎
What makes him stand out is what makes so many other so-called moderate heretics, such as ex–House Speaker John Boehner or Sen. Lindsey Graham or Sen. John McCain, stand out in the Republican Party of 2016: He's a tactical realist who understands ...

A Post-Boehner Era Ash Wednesday

Roll Call (registration) - ‎09.02.2016‎
In former Speaker John A. Boehner's first speech after taking the gavel in Jan. 2011, he referred to Ash Wednesday in an attempt to humble Congress.

Even GOPers can't stand Ted Cruz: Mike Huckabee unloads on Texas senator, calling him a “low-life” and a “sleazy ...

Salon - ‎vor 13 Stunden‎
How is it that Speaker Boehner and Leader McConnell can promise that there will never ever be a shutdown? Because, I believe, Speaker Boehner has decided to cut a deal with Leader Nancy Pelosi.” Like most things Cruz has done as a U.S. Senator, this ...

Lawmaker: GOP should take page from Trump on budget

The Hill (blog) - ‎vor 8 Stunden‎
Raúl Labrador (R-Idaho) said Republicans should get tougher with President Obama and abandon the two-year budget deal the White House negotiated with former Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). He also suggested that Trump's success in the GOP ...

House votes to make White House outline debt plan

The Hill - ‎vor 9 Stunden‎
House Republicans are still weighing their options for adopting their own budget this year. Many conservatives want to adopt a budget that adheres to lower spending levels than last year's budget deal brokered by former Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).

The House Republican fiscal fight kicks into gear, with Paul Ryan stuck in the middle

Daily Kos - ‎vor 15 Stunden‎
House Speaker Paul Ryan had a brief respite from kissing up to the maniacs that drove out his predecessor, John Boehner, in the form of a budget agreement negotiated by Boehner last fall and a couple of long holiday breaks.

Ohio Politics Now: What's next for John Kasich?

Columbus Dispatch - ‎10.02.2016‎
Replacing Boehner: “One of the candidates in the race to replace former Speaker John Boehner claims that not only was he blackmailed to drop from the congressional district race, but his 16-year-old daughter and her friends were being stalked online,” ...

Senate Passes Permanent Ban on Internet Access Taxes

Accounting Today - ‎vor 12 Stunden‎
The Senate passed the Marketplace Fairness Act in 2013, but it was never taken up in the House under former Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio. A retail industry group is pushing the current Congress, now led by House Speaker Paul Ryan, ...

With end of 'doc fix', effort to craft a new payment system underway

The Hill - ‎vor 20 Stunden‎
Groups from the American Medical Association to the Federation of American Hospitals touted the legislation as the end of an era of uncertainty, and former Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has called it one of his legacy's greatest achievements. But the ...

The Definition of Insanity: Gay Republicans (blog) - ‎vor 12 Stunden‎
He even thanked Speaker John Boehner for spending taxpayer dollars to protect the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Rubio said “you have to really have a ridiculous and absurd reading of the U.S.

Mystery super PACs revealed

Politico - ‎vor 16 Stunden‎
John Boehner was often at war with Jordan and his House Freedom Caucus. Ryan has taken the opposite approach, constantly wooing the group of conservatives.

Here, The Voters Rule

The Weekly Standard (blog) - ‎vor 15 Stunden‎
It is fair after 2016's version of Iowa and New Hampshire to ask whether Olsen and Scala's analysis will remain true: will somewhat conservatives - the John Boehner people - again win the day? Or are the days of the somewhat conservative as the ...

Congressman Welch talks winter woes, political throes

Stowe Today - ‎vor 20 Stunden‎
John Boehner, to his credit, knows that we have to move ahead,” Welch said. “He resigned, and before he resigned, he made a commitment and followed through to pass a budget through next year, postponed any further action on the debt ceiling until ...

Congress candidate Spurlino claims blackmail

Hamilton Journal News - ‎09.02.2016‎
One of the candidates in the race to replace former Speaker John Boehner claims he was blackmailed to drop from the congressional district race and that his 16-year-old daughter and her friends were being stalked online.