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Jimmy Savile


Sex Pistol John Lydon: Blowing whistle on Jimmy Savile got me banned from BBC

New Zealand Herald - ‎27.05.2016‎
John Lydon says many young girls taking part in Top of the Pops in the 1970s told him about their encounters with Jimmy Savile but were too afraid to report him themselves. Photo / AP. When comedian Ronnie Corbett died in March he was mourned by ...

'How I was abused by RAF serviceman who turned into Jimmy Savile of the Scouts world' - ‎28.05.2016‎
A VICTIM of the “Jimmy Savile of the Scouting world” has described how the sex predator RAF serviceman made him live in a prison of fear.

'Savile was a creep, just horrid.' The secret diary of a '70s BBC secretary - ‎vor 11 Stunden‎
When the Jimmy Savile scandal broke, Shaw wasn't surprised, though she never witnessed his sexually abusive behaviour herself.

Elijah Wood qualifies comments comparing Hollywood abuse to Jimmy Savile

The Guardian - ‎24.05.2016‎
The Lord of the Rings star drew parallels between what was described in the article as a US film industry culture of abuse and the prolific sex attacks carried out by TV host Jimmy Savile in the UK. He said he had been protected as a child - mainly ...

Mark Thompson Snubs New BBC Jimmy Savile Documentary

Heat Street - ‎26.05.2016‎
Thompson, who ran the BBC between 2004 and 2012, has refused to appear in a new BBC film about Jimmy Savile being made by journalist Louis Theroux.

Failure to report signs of child abuse 'should be made a criminal offence'

The Guardian - ‎vor 20 Stunden‎
The clamour for changes to the UK's child protection law has been growing since the Jimmy Savile scandal, which exposed how the DJ abused hundreds of young victims at institutions across the country.

Elijah Wood clarifies comments comparing Hollywood child abuse to Jimmy Savile scandal - ‎25.05.2016‎
Elijah Wood clarifies comments comparing Hollywood child abuse to Jimmy Savile scandal. 'Lord Of The Rings' actor says he has no first-hand knowledge of Hollywood abuse.

'Jimmy Savile' scout leader John Edward Bates jailed

BBC News - ‎20.05.2016‎
A former police officer branded "the Jimmy Savile of the scouting world" by his victims has been jailed for a string of sex attacks on boys.

Jimmy Savile opens the floodgates as police get 100 new child sex cases a month

Daily Star - ‎20.05.2016‎
In trying to get a message across to the public about the scale of this, it is important to remember that behind each of these figures there is a victim.

Health bosses paid Jimmy Savile's Broadmoor mate to probe Sevenoaks ward - then kept report secret

Sevenoaks Chronicle - ‎19.05.2016‎
HEALTH bosses have come under fire for appointing one of Jimmy Savile's closest friends to conduct a review of a failing Sevenoaks brain injury unit, the Chronicle can reveal.

Hollywood has its own Jimmy Savile-style ring: Elijah Wood

The Statesman - ‎23.05.2016‎
Actor Elijah Wood says Hollywood has its own Jimmy Savile-style high-powered paedophile ring at work waiting to be exposed.

Elijah Wood spricht über sexuellen Missbrauch von Kindern und das ... - ‎25.05.2016‎
... die nur an ihre eigenen Interessen denken“, sagte Wood weiter in dem Interview. Beispielhaft führt er Namen wie Jimmy Savile an. Savile war BBC-Moderator und wurde erst nach seinem Tod 2011 für zahlreiche mutmaßliche sexuelle Übergriffe angeklagt.

Angeblich böses Geheimnis Hollywoods - Wie Elijah Wood einen Pädophilie ...

Sü - ‎24.05.2016‎
Im Verlauf der Unterhaltung kam das Gespräch dann aber auf den verstorbenen BBC-Moderator Jimmy Savile, der zahlreiche Kinder missbraucht haben soll. Und darauf, dass Pädophilie auch in Hollywood keine Seltenheit sein könnte. Der ehemalige ...

Corey Feldman: Es gibt haufenweise Kinderschänder in Hollywood

entertainweb - ‎27.05.2016‎
Angesprochen auf den pädophilen Moderator Jimmy Savile, gab Herr der Ringe-Star Elijah Wood im Laufe eines Interviews mit der Sunday Times zu verstehen: „Es gibt in der Filmindustrie viele Giftschlangen, denen es nur um ihre eigenen Interessen geht.

Ernste Töne des "Herr der Ringe"-Stars: Elijah Wood spricht über ...

Abendzeitung München - ‎23.05.2016‎
Er sprach dabei den schockierenden Fall des britischen DJs und Moderators Jimmy Savile an. Nach dessen Tod 2011 kam heraus, dass er zu Lebzeiten hunderte Kinder missbraucht haben soll. Ähnliches, so Wood, trug sich auch in Hollywood zu: "Da gibt ...

Lot of vipers: Elijah Wood talks about child abuse in Hollywood, later clarifies comments

Daily News & Analysis - ‎28.05.2016‎
Actor Elijah Wood, who began his career in Hollywood at the age of eight, has claimed that a Jimmy Savile-style paedophile ring is strong in Hollywood.

BBC post-Savile culture change means staff can 'speak truth to power'

The Register - ‎26.05.2016‎
On the subject of cultural change, Hall said the organisation will ensure that what happened in the Savile period, where DJ and TV personality Jimmy Savile sexually abused hundreds of children with apparent impunity from BBC bosses despite numerous ...

Elijah Wood denuncia inacción ante pedofilia en Hollywood | El Comercio Perú

El Comercio - ‎23.05.2016‎
Para Wood el escándalo podría ser equiparable al del presentador inglés de la cadena pública BBC Jimmy Savile, que abusó sexualmente de cientos de menores durante toda su carrera y que solo se investigó en 2011, después de la muerte del icónico ...

HR director at 'turbulent' BBC during Savile scandal to share insight with dealer bosses

AM-online - ‎27.05.2016‎
The HR director at the BBC during some of its most turbulent times, including the Jimmy Savile scandal, is to speak to senior dealer executives.