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James Gandolfini

TV Revivals: Could 'The Sopranos' do more even without James Gandolfini? - ‎10.02.2016‎
We don't think there is much disputing that “The Sopranos” may be one of the greatest series in the history of television.

Überblick: Joseph Abboud Herbst 2016 Laufsteg-Show - ‎03.02.2016‎
Joseph Abbouds Herbst / Winter 2016 Kollektion ist ein Tribut an Amerikas reiche Kleidungstradition, die das Erbe von feiner Schneiderkunst mit Respektlosigkeit, Intelligenz und Innovation komplex vermengt - das erinnert an die Savile Row der 60er ...

Movies for Lovers! Here's the best flicks to rent for Valentine's Weekend

The Delaware County Daily Times - ‎12.02.2016‎
Scenes that are heartbreakingly lovely (the opening number featuring dancing garbage collectors) alternate with sequences that are mind-bogglingly bizarre (Bobby Cannavale pretending to be James Brown).

Was Boardwalk Empire Criminally Underrated?

Vulture - ‎12.02.2016‎
He lacked the larger-than-life charisma of virtually any of his counterparts: James Gandolfini's Tony Soprano, Jon Hamm's Don Draper, Idris Elba's Stringer Bell, Bryan Cranston's Walter White, Lena Headey's Cersei Lannister, you name it.

HBO's 'Vinyl' hits TV high with Martin Scorsese

Baltimore Sun (blog) - ‎12.02.2016‎
But maybe the biggest surprise is Mick Jagger's son, James Jagger, as Kip Stevens, lead singer of a proto-punk band called the Nasty Bits that Finestra sees as the future of rock 'n' roll and the savior of his company.

Newly-released love stories to celebrate Valentine's Day

The Delaware County Daily Times - ‎11.02.2016‎
Scenes that are heartbreakingly lovely (the opening number featuring dancing garbage collectors) alternate with sequences that are mind-bogglingly bizarre (Bobby Cannavale pretending to be James Brown).

Best rom coms to watch on Valentine's Day

Appleton Post Crescent - ‎vor 22 Stunden‎
"Enough Said" (2013): This came out after James Gandolfini's death. Too bad, as his performance was widely praised.

Song Premiere: Roses & Revolutions - "I Won't Break"

Paste Magazine - ‎10.02.2016‎
“There is a super uncomfortable scene where James Gandolfini is trying to get Patricia Arquette to give up the whereabouts of her husband.

Queen of mean Lisa Lampanelli returns to the Orpheum Theatre

Arkansas City Traveler - ‎vor 11 Stunden‎
Wichita - Wichita's SMG-managed Orpheum Theatre is thrilled to announce that insult comic Lisa Lampanelli will return to the historic theatre at 8 p.m.

Terence Winter, Violent Chaos and HBO's Vinyl: This, Gentlemen, Is Rock 'n Roll

Huffington Post - ‎10.02.2016‎
Not surprisingly, Richie Finestra walks the same good guy/bad guy edge as Steve Buscemi's Nucky Thompson or James Gandolfini's Tony Soprano. "I like that kind of character," says Winter. "I grew up in Brooklyn and I knew a dozen Richies. Guys who came ...

At Cinemas: Hordes of films this winter holiday: Brooklyn, Trumbo, Zootropolis, Zoolander 2 and more

The Copenhagen Post - Danish news in english - ‎11.02.2016‎
On Thursday at 21:45 there's an opportunity to see one of the most under-appreciated date movies ever made. Actor John Turturro directs the late, great James Gandolfini through the all-singing, all-dancing Romance & Cigarettes. Tickets are 70 kroner.

7 romantic movies for Valentine's Day

The Seattle Times - ‎10.02.2016‎
Nicole Holofcener's charming L.A. rom-com features that rarity: middle-aged people falling, happily and wittily, in love. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (why doesn't she make more movies?

Film Review: I'll See You In My Dreams

CineVue - ‎09.02.2016‎
In what was his penultimate big screen appearance before an untimely passing, James Gandolfini starred alongside Julia-Louis Dreyfus in Enough Said.

'Reign' season 3 return date, 'Beauty and the Beast' season 4 premiere confirmed by The CW - ‎11.02.2016‎
CW logo For those wondering when some of your favorite programs are returning to The CW, the news that we have today is rather simple: The dates have been set!

Chris Christie: I May Be Old and Smelly, but at Least I'm Not Ted Cruz

Mother Jones - ‎04.02.2016‎
Speaking at a retirement community in Bow, New Hampshire, on Wednesday afternoon, Christie used an anecdote about the late actor James Gandolfini to rip into front-runner Donald Trump as a highly skilled magician deceiving the electorate with smoke ...

Bryan Cranston on Walter White, 'Trumbo' & Life Out of Character (INTERVIEW)

Biography - ‎08.02.2016‎
We'd get The Keatons on Family Ties or Thomas Magnum on Magnum, P.I. Along with guys like James Gandolfini and Michael Chiklis, you helped shred the rulebook.

The Sopranos: final season of a groundbreaking TV series

The Australian - ‎07.02.2016‎
His concept was not simply a mob drama but a show about an ordinary guy called Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), a likable husband and father grappling with the pressures of home and work, all that familiar suburban drudgery and emotional alienation, ...

The Last-Minute Alliance to Beat Trump

Daily Beast - ‎09.02.2016‎
James Gandolfini, Tony Soprano, stopped Christie to shake his hand. He pulled him close and he whispered, “You know it's all make believe, right?

BOOM! Estate Planning for Baby Boomers, Death and Taxes for Celebrities Too

The Rockaway Times - ‎11.02.2016‎
James Gandolfini met his untimely demise in 2013. Mr. Gandolfini's Will and estate plan were the subject of much criticism at the time.

New Classic: Armando Iannucci's 'In the Loop'

Indie Wire (blog) - ‎04.02.2016‎
Meanwhile in America, Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomacy Karen Clarke (Mimi Kennedy) and her assistant Liza Weld (Anna Chlumsky) are strongly opposed to intervention and have teemed up with General George Miller (James Gandolfini) to try to ...