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Hun Sen


Cambodia's Hun Sen Wants a South China Sea Apology

The Diplomat - ‎12.02.2016‎
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen is seeking apology from those who criticized him in 2012 when the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) failed to issue a joint communique for the first time in the organization's history during Cambodia's ...

Ông Hun Sen sẽ đòi nợ 'một lời xin lỗi' ở thượng đỉnh ASEAN-Mỹ?

Thanh Niên - ‎vor 9 Stunden‎
Tờ Diplomat ngày 12.2 đăng một bài viết nhận định rằng Thủ tướng Campuchia Hun Sen đang muốn tìm cơ hội để đòi món “nợ” và sự “công bằng” cho Campuchia và chính ông khi bị các nước chỉ trích hồi năm 2012. Theo tờ báo, ông Hun Sen sẽ tận dụng ...

US weighs in on anti-Hun Sen protest

The Phnom Penh Post - ‎10.02.2016‎
Amid fears of a potential reprise of anti-opposition violence that flared in October, a US Embassy spokesman yesterday called on the government “to ensure that no one is threatened, punished, or harmed in Cambodia” if a planned anti-Hun Sen rally takes ...

Can Hun Sen Help Cambodia Quit Smoking?

VOA Khmer (English) - ‎10.02.2016‎
Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen, center, smokes as he sits with Interior Minister Sar Kheng, left, and Finance Minister Keat Chhun, right, during the inauguration of the China-funded construction of a bridge in Mouk Kampoul district, Kandal province ...

Hun Sen Instructs Ministers to Form Facebook Working Groups

The Cambodia Daily - ‎08.02.2016‎
Prime Minister Hun Sen has fast developed a penchant for conducting political business via Facebook since he formally joined the social networking site in September.

Follow The Leader: Cambodians, Including Prime Minister Hun Sen, Making Big ...

Forbes - ‎04.02.2016‎
Cambodians may not always agree with the decisions made by Prime Minister Hun Sen, but there's at least one they do support: the use of Facebook and the Internet.

Hun Sen 'Fed Up' With Criticism of Asean Meet

The Cambodia Daily - ‎05.02.2016‎
Prime Minister Hun Sen on Friday expressed frustration at the widespread perception that Cambodia was in thrall to China during its 2012 Asean chairmanship, and attacked a critic who suggested that his government had attempted to placate Beijing after ...

CNRP linked to Hun Sen Protest, PM's Son says

Khmer Times - ‎09.02.2016‎
Director of the Defense Ministry's Intelligence Unit and the second son of Prime Minister Hun Sen, Hun Manith, said in an interview on Monday that the upcoming protests against the premier in Sunnylands, California, which he will visit for the joint US ...

Hun Sen Rebukes Critics of Cambodian Foreign Policy

VOA Khmer (English) - ‎05.02.2016‎
Prime Minister Hun Sen on Friday rebuked critics who say Cambodia leans more toward China than the US in its international relations, while firmly staying neutral on the South China Sea dispute.

Rainsy Says Not to Protest Hun Sen's US Trip

The Cambodia Daily - ‎07.02.2016‎
Opposition leader Sam Rainsy has urged his party's supporters in the U.S. not to stage any protests against Prime Minister Hun Sen during his visit to California later this month for a summit with fellow Asean leaders and U.S. President Barack Obama.

Hun Sen Surpasses Rainsy in Facebook 'Likes'

The Cambodia Daily - ‎02.02.2016‎
Prime Minister Hun Sen is nearing the pinnacle of Cambodian social media popularity, having now passed opposition leader Sam Rainsy in their heated race for “likes” on Facebook.

Cambodia PM's US Trip Could Help Balance Foreign Policy, Experts Say

Voice of America - ‎08.02.2016‎
Prime Minister Hun Sen is preparing for a meeting of ASEAN leaders with U.S. President Barack Obama later this month, political analysts say the visit will be a good way for Cambodia to improve relations with the United States.

Hun Sen highlights politics of road safety

Nikkei Asian Review - ‎02.02.2016‎
Widespread confusion over new traffic laws implemented by the Cambodian government this year has led Prime Minister Hun Sen to intervene with new rules of his own, making the country's notorious roads even more dangerous, according to critics. In 2015 ...

Biển Đông : Hun Sen nhắc lại lập trường của Cam Bốt

RFI - ‎05.02.2016‎
Thủ tướng Hun Sen thông báo ông sẽ đến dự thượng đỉnh Mỹ-ASEAN hai ngày 15 và 16/02/2016 tại Sunnylands, bang California. Trong tuyên bố đưa ra hôm nay, thủ tướng Cam Bốt nhắc lại : tuần trước, trong cuộc hội đàm với Ngoại trưởng Hoa Kỳ John ...

Hun Sen: Các nước nói Campuchia thông đồng với Bắc Kinh phải xin lỗi

Báo Giáo dục Việt Nam - ‎05.02.2016‎
Khmer Times ngày 6/2 đưa tin, Thủ tướng Campuchia Hun Sen hôm Thứ Sáu cho biết, ông muốn xóa tan bất kỳ ý niệm nào cho rằng Campuchia đã chọn một bên nào trong số các bên có yêu sách ở Biển Đông. Trong cuộc gặp Ngoại trưởng Mỹ John Kerry ...

Hun Sen vượt Sam Rainsy về lượng "Like" trên Facebook

Báo Giáo dục Việt Nam - ‎02.02.2016‎
The Cambodia Daily ngày 3/2 đưa tin, Thủ tướng Campuchia Hun Sen đã vượt qua đối thủ là lãnh đạo đảng Cứu quốc Campuchia đối lập Sam Rainsy về lượng "Like" trên Facebook. Tính đến tối Thứ Ba 2/2, trang Facebook của ông Hun Sen đã có ...

„Ich hun et jo nur gooot gemeint“ - ‎09.02.2016‎
Eigentlich sollt de Gesprächsrund jo en Mainz stattfinnen, einer ous aktuellem Anlass hun die gesoot er get wichtigeres als so en Landtagswahl en Rheinland Pfalz un dofir sen mir haut hei em iwwer die Helzbicher Affaire ze berichten. Er wor jo die ...

More universities needed in provincial areas: PM

The Phnom Penh Post - ‎11.02.2016‎
Speaking at the inauguration of the Heng Samrin Tbong Khmum University yesterday, Prime Minister Hun Sen called for a program to establish universities in all provinces, saying that the creation of more institutions of higher learning would improve ...

A crowd of dictators is coming to Southern California

Los Angeles Times - ‎vor 21 Stunden‎
When Secretary of State John F. Kerry met with Hun Sen in January, he praised Cambodia's recent economic growth but also admonished the Cambodian government on its human rights record, saying that improvements would be necessary to “to fulfill the ...

US wary over intimidation

The Phnom Penh Post - ‎vor 20 Stunden‎
A US State Department official yesterday expressed concern over the Cambodian government's intimidation of opposition lawmakers ahead of Prime Minister Hun Sen's first official trip to America next week, according to reports. The premier, and ruling ...