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How good government often goes unnoticed and unrewarded (blog) - ‎24.05.2016‎
The £240 Million wasted on the Green Deal is a case in point. The ministers and senior officials at the DECC have all gone their separate ways.

Cameron's talking pie-in-the-sky on child protection - ‎21.05.2016‎
Since he left Parliament, we no longer know what Mr Hendry earns from his renewable energy interests, any more than we do what our former Lib Dem energy secretaries Chris Huhne and Ed Davey receive for their services to various “low carbon” energy ...

Donald MacLeod: SNP sex scandal has taken the gloss off a week of celebration

The Sunday Post - ‎22.05.2016‎
In recent years their honourable members such as Simon Hughes, Paddy “Pantsdown” Ashdown, cheeky Lembit Opik, Mark Oaten, Lord Sewell (Sewer) and Chris Huhne have all been proved to be anything but honourable. And of course we shouldn't forget ...