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HTC Corporation


HTC Corp launches $100 mln fund to invest in VR startups

Thomson Reuters' peHUB (press release) - ‎27.04.2016‎
HTC Corp launched a $100 million accelerator investment fund to focus on virtual reality startups. The fund will focus on three cities initially: Beijing, Taipei and San Francisco, and plans on rolling out into new areas.

HTC predicts VR global sales will beat smartphones, as VR poised to earn $2.3B ...

Christian Post - ‎vor 12 Stunden‎
HTC is optimistic about the future of the virtual reality market. The company recently predicted that VR sales will surpass smartphone sales globally in a few years.

IDC prognostiziert Virtual Reality Boom für 2016 - ‎22.04.2016‎
HMDs (Head Mounted Displays) mit eigenem Bildschirm, die aber an einen PC / eine Spielekonsole angeschlossen werden (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR) 3. Standalone-Gadgets, die direkt auch SoCs, RAM und Co. in die Brillen einarbeiten ...

HTC One Gallery Will Be Discontinued On April 30, but HTC Gallery Will ...

Android Police - ‎25.04.2016‎
A product of HTC's research division, One Gallery allows users to upload photos and videos to a variety of cloud services through the HTC Gallery app. However, according to changelogs for both apps, the One Gallery service will be discontinued on April 30.

HTC 10 vs Motorola Moto X (2016): The #Powerof10 to Meet Hello Moto

Tech News Today - ‎25.04.2016‎
HTC Corporation recently unveiled its 2016 flagship, HTC 10. The phone received applauds from different pundits and has been compared with a lot of current flagship smartphones.

Digital River Announces Winners of its 2016 Internet Commerce Excellence ...

Business Wire (press release) - ‎vor 18 Stunden‎
MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Digital River, Inc., a leading global provider of Commerce-as-a-Service solutions, today announced the winners of its 2016 Internet Commerce Excellence (ICE) Awards.

Meet VREAL: the startup that wants to become the Twitch of virtual reality

SiliconANGLE (blog) - ‎vor 9 Stunden‎
Right now virtual reality's baby steps are hitting their stride with the first generation of consumer-grade VR rigs in the release of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear–and later this year the PlayStation VR. Platforms such as Valve Corporation ...

VR delay is a scalper's paradise: $1600 for Oculus, $2000 for Vive

CNET - ‎18.04.2016‎
(My bank was among them; you might want to proactively call your bank and let them know to expect a big charge from HTC Corporation.) HTC does say the Vive won't appear at retail until June, so it's not as likely as with Oculus that people might get to ...

The Amazing HTC VIVE Detailed: Specs, Features & Pricing

Know Your Mobile - ‎22.04.2016‎
It's a virtual reality system developed by HTC and Valve Corporation. Many people mistake the VIVE for being a headset placeholder where you slip your HTC smartphone into and thus turn that into a VR headset (ala Samsung Gear VR). But not so. The Vive ...

Qualcomm's Chipset Margin on the Higher End of Its Guidance

Market Realist - ‎27.04.2016‎
Qualcomm's newly launched S820 has secured over 115 design wins, including the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, Xiaomi Mi5, as well as handsets from Sony (SNE), HTC, and HP (HPQ). However, it seems that the actual sales of S820 were low in fiscal 2Q16 due to ...

Digital River annonce les lauréats de ses Prix 2016 Internet Commerce ... - ‎vor 4 Stunden‎
Digital River, Inc., un fournisseur leader mondial de solutions Commerce-as-a-Service, a annoncé aujourd'hui les lauréats de ses Prix 2016 Internet Commerce Excellence (ICE) Awards. Adobe Systems, HTC, Jabra, Lenovo, Nuance Communications et ...

En çok satan akıllı telefonlar hangileri

PES Haber - ‎vor 4 Stunden‎
Bilişim teknolojileri alanında, dünya çapındaki en büyük araştırma ve analiz şirketlerinden en büyük biri olan IDC (International Data Corporation), yeni bir değerlendirme paylaştı. Bu analizde dikkat çeken ilk nokta, Sony, HTC, Lenovo ve LG gibi ...

Fitbit Inc (FIT) Isn't Out of the Woods… Yet

Nasdaq - ‎26.04.2016‎
Just look at the situation with Fitbit Inc ( FIT ), which is the top operator in the fitness wearables space. About a year ago, the company pulled off its offering ... has resulted in a fitness platform called Healthbox. And yes, it also involves an ...

Aquam Innovation Day Highlights Leakage Best Practice

Water Online (press release) - ‎26.04.2016‎
Developed in the UK by HTC, part of the Aquam group, the Serline blown-in epoxy pipelining system has full DWI-approval for use on potable water networks and is ideal for use on small-diameter lead service pipes.

Display Week's Annual Investors Conference Delves into Opportunities ...

PR Newswire (press release) - ‎26.04.2016‎
CAMPBELL, Calif., April 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The Society for Information Display (SID) is partnering with Cowen and Company and IHS for the 12th Annual Investors Conference at Display Week, which runs from May 22-May 27, 2016 at the Moscone ...

Dept failed to build museum despite funds: CAG report

Chandigarh Tribune - ‎24.04.2016‎
The Archaeology and Museums Department, Haryana, failed to construct a museum and an office building despite availability of land and funds and the department suffered a loss of interest of Rs 85.65 lakh.

Le HTC Vive et la plateforme 3DExperience présentent des solutions pour les ...

Agence Française pour le Jeu Vidéo - ‎22.04.2016‎
HTC Corporation vient d'annoncer aujourd'hui un partenariat stratégique avec Dassault Systèmes pour amener la Réalité Virtuelle (VR) dans le milieu de l'entreprise. Dassault Systèmes a développé la plateforme 3DExperience comme environnement ...

Samsung, Other Virtual Reality Hardware To Generate $2Bn In 2016

Footprint to Africa - Business and Financial News (press release) (registration) (blog) - ‎27.04.2016‎
Samsung, Sony, HTC, and Oculus, which are leading key products from the category should generate hardware revenues of approximately $2.3 billion in 2016.


中国金融投资网 - ‎27.04.2016‎
台湾智能手机与平板生产商HTC Corporation宣布了一项面向全球虚拟现实(VR)创业团队的扶持项目——Vive X加速器计划,一则公司公告显示。 HTC与合作伙伴为Vive X加速器计划共同投入了总值超1亿美元的基金支持,用以 ...

IDC: 5 Vendor Smartphone dengan Pertumbuhan Sangat Cepat Q1 2016

NGONOO (Blog) - ‎vor 6 Stunden‎ - Baru-baru ini IDC (Intenational Data Corporation) mengeluarkan data mengenai 5 vendor smartphone dengan laju pertumbuhan sangat pesat di kuartal pertama tahun ini.