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Bradley Manning

Review: 'The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning' at Inis Nua Theatre Company in Philadelphia

DC Metro Theater Arts (press release) (blog) - ‎04.05.2016‎
Inis Nua Theatre Company has made a specialty of performing plays written in, and set in, the British Isles. So it may seem odd that Inis Nua is doing a play about Bradley Manning, the American soldier who illegally downloaded hundreds of thousands of ...

Inis Nua Theater Company's production of The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning, is the American premiere of a play by Welsh writer Tim Rice.

Philly theater company presents story of whistleblower Bradley Manning - ‎29.04.2016‎
"Bradley Manning was let down by those above him." "The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning," produced by Inis Nua theater company at the Drake Theater in Philadelphia, opens with six actors trading statements about the titular character.

Inis Nua's “The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning

PW-Philadelphia Weekly - ‎27.04.2016‎
With a wall of video monitors specked with images of bloodshed and camouflage behind his actors and the sound of a live, mournful violinist before them, Reing's pensive, abstract conceptualization of The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning—an American ...

Die berühmte Whistleblowerin Chelsea Manning beschreibt die Folter der ...

Tages-Anzeiger Online - ‎vor 24 Minuten‎
Chelsea Manning hiess früher Bradley und war ein unverstandener und unglücklicher Junge aus Oklahoma. Er träumte davon, endlich beachtet zu werden. Sein Wunsch ging in Erfüllung. Aber als Albtraum. 2007 ging Manning zur US-Army und wurde im ...

We Are All Chelsea Manning: Inis Nua actors on what THE RADICALISATION OF BRADLEY MANNING means to them

Phindie - ‎29.04.2016‎
Heroic whistleblower to some, traitor to others, Pfc Bradley Manning created a media firestorm in 2010 with the release of reams of classified information through Wikileaks.

Quer-Denken.TV: Lars Mährholz – Frieden Freiheit & Gerechtigkeit

Contra Magazin - ‎02.05.2016‎
Ohne das Internet hätten Whistleblower wie Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden oder Julian Assange vermutlich nie die unzähligen Kriegsverbrechen und illegalen Operationen der Geheimdienste in diesem Maße aufdecken und verbreiten können.

8 victims of Obama's crusade against Whistleblowers

TRUNEWS - ‎vor 13 Stunden‎
(TRUNEWS) During the last 8 years the 1917 Espionage Act has been used by the Obama administration more than all previous President combined.

Restoring Knoxville's lost record in music history - ‎vor 9 Stunden‎
KNOXVILLE - Be careful using the old cliché "records are made to be broken" in the company of Bradley Reeves. .... Manning belted out songs such as "Satan Is Busy In Knoxville," "Arcade Building Moan," and "The Blues Is All Wrong." She later devoted ...

PlayStation to take over Gogglebox ad break for new Uncharted game

CampaignLive - ‎vor 58 Minuten‎
Manning Gottlieb OMD brokered the deal. The ad was created by John-Paul Smith at The Outfit, with Sony Computer Entertainment and Naughty Dog.

Snowden: Whistleblowers Will Always Be Best Check on Government Excess

Sputnik International - ‎vor 20 Stunden‎
Former CIA contractor Edward Snowden has said that "a single act of whistleblowing doesn't change the reality that there are significant portions of the government that operate below the waterline, beneath the visibility of the public" and that ...

Investigative journalism is no longer about clandestine meetings

The Guardian - ‎03.05.2016‎
Sadly, he overlooks the fate of Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning, who is serving a 35-year jail sentence in the United States for disclosing intelligence documents to Assange's WikiLeaks site.

Seahawks gamble in draft to protect Russell Wilson

Today's Pigskin (blog) - ‎vor 9 Stunden‎
The only linemen they signed to fill their spots was J'Marcus Webb from the Raiders, who's decent as long as he's at guard instead of tackle, and Bradley Sowell, who rode Arizona's bench last year. .... 1-ranked defense's safety net or the fact Manning ...

– Det er grufullt og umenneskeleg

NRK - ‎03.05.2016‎
I ni månader sat eg isolert på denne cella, skriv Manning. – 17 timar i døgnet sat eg framfor to militære vakter som eg ikkje kunne sjå, men som såg meg frå baksida av ein einvegs-spegel. – Eg fekk ikkje lov til å leggje meg ned. Eg fekk ikkje lov til ...

Sanctuary to host talks by Wikileaks, Democracy Now! founders

Troy Record - ‎vor 14 Stunden‎
... in London, where he has remained since seeking asylum in 2012 to prevent the United States from extraditing him to face criminal charges for publishing classified or sensitive military and diplomatic documents provided by U.S.

Wiedmer: Texas A&M's Tweetgate has UT coaches' attention

Chattanooga Times Free Press - ‎vor 4 Stunden‎
As one might expect, Peyton Manning remains his favorite player. As one might also expect, Shadden predicts, "We're going to be good.

NFL post-draft power rankings

USA TODAY - ‎vor 21 Stunden‎
David Manning, USA TODAY Sports. 9. Bengals: Turnover at WR was inevitable given ... Jaguars: Owner Shad Khan made his expectations for a winning season clear when he retained coach Gus Bradley. An offseason spending spree re-emphasized that ...

Wizards' G John Wall undergoes surgery on both knees

Sportsnaut - ‎vor 16 Stunden‎
With Scott Brooks now manning the bench, the team faces an uncertain summer. Bradley Beal, who missed 27 games to injury this past regular season, is slated to become a restricted free agent.

Terry Rozier had an admirable rookie campaign

CelticsBlog (blog) - ‎vor 22 Stunden‎
The thought of him playing significant playoff minutes when the Celtics called his name as their first draft selection last June would've provoked some head turns, but there he was.

Snowden gerekçesi

Sabah - ‎04.05.2016‎
ABD'de 2010'da ordu faaliyetleriyle ilgili yaklaşık 92 bin belgeyi ifşa eden Bradley Manning isimli asker 35 yıl hapis cezasına çarptırıldı. Söz konusu belgelerin sorumlusu olarak, belgeleri Wikileaks isimli internet sitesinden yayımlayan Julian ...