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Beasts of the Southern Wild

Newcomer Talitha Bateman Shines in "So B. It" Movie -- a Heartbreaking Story that Will Leave You Smiling

Huffington Post - ‎vor 2 Stunden‎
And, I put Talitha's performance in the same category as the young actors Jacob Tremblay in Room, Quvenzhané Wallis in Beasts of the Southern Wild, and even Paper Moon, which earned Tatum O'Neal an Oscar. Talitha gives one of those astonishing ...

Elusive Snow Leopard Collared in Kyrgyzstan

Live Science - ‎vor 4 Stunden‎
The female cat was collared in the Sarychat-Ertash Strict Nature Reserve of Eastern Kyrgyzstan by biologists with the wild cat conservation organization Panthera, the State Agency on Environment Protection and Forestry and the National Academy of ...

This Guy Got Himself Stung 1000 Times For Science—Here's What He Learned

Smithsonian - ‎23.05.2016‎
... Wild, which seeks to quantify every one of those stings and rank them on a scale of 1 to 4. At the low-end of the scale you have creatures like sweat bees and Southern fire ants. At the top, you meet beasts with names like the warrior wasp and the ...

Rooftop Films Looks Back on 20 Years

Wall Street Journal - ‎19.05.2016‎
Notable revivals include “Egg,” the debut animated short by Benh Zeitlin, Academy Award-nominated director of “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” Bushwick and the adjacent neighborhood of Ridgewood, Queens, are the setting for “White Girl,” writer-director ...

Of birds, beasts and conservation

The Hindu - ‎23.05.2016‎
He has also coordinated the tiger census in southern India. In this interview, Dr. Sankar shares his thoughts on the plans ahead for SACON.

Deadly predators among animals kept on private properties in UK - ‎22.05.2016‎
But DWA licences are also issued to properties where animals may be receiving care after being rescued, or living at small private farms, where people keep wild beasts for breeding purposes. This means that as well as inhabiting garden enclosures ...

On the press junket, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is a regular stop

Washington Post - ‎17.05.2016‎
Before that the Obamas have hosted several other Oscar contenders such as “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom,” “The Butler,” “The Help,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” “Lincoln” and “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” You get the picture. The Obamas like the movies ...

Aggressive, man-eating Nile crocodiles lived in the Everglades for years

Washington Post - ‎20.05.2016‎
After the capture of the three crocs, they believe all the beasts are accounted for. “There are no other confirmed sightings of Nile crocodiles in the wild in Florida and no captive animals that are unaccounted for,” said Robert Klepper, a spokesman ...

Dwight Henry, baker and actor, opens new shop on St. Bernard Avenue - ‎17.05.2016‎
In an unlikely turn of event, the New Orleans baker Dwight Henry became a movie star when he was cast in 2012's "Beasts of Southern Wild." But between shoots, he always returns to baking. On Tuesday (May 17), he opened his latest shop: Henry's Original ...

A Trip Inside Beetle House, New York's Spooky Tim Burton–Themed Restaurant

ScreenCrush - ‎17.05.2016‎
I'm a sucker for movie themed food and drinks. I once cooked a Louisiana-style feast with a friend for an Oscar screening of Beasts of the Southern Wild, served hamburgers and SunnyD for a group screening of Juno, and ordered crepes for Midnight in Paris.

Bug free in the Adirondacks

Albany Times Union - ‎20.05.2016‎
It's black fly season - which you are well aware of if you frequent this part of the world before prolonged stretches of summer warmth have killed the beasts - and that can quickly turn a pleasant outing into an arm-waving, Deet spraying, blood ...

Hollywood: Drop the bleach

CNN - ‎16.05.2016‎
Michael B. Jordan in "Fruitvale Station," Hailee Steinfeld in "True Grit," Quvenzhané Wallis in "Beasts of the Southern Wild." Heck, look at John Cho, who first broke out as an actor with a memorable turn as the "MILF guy" in the raunchy blockbuster ...

Heart of a Lion: The Biography of a Courageous Peripatetic Predator

Huffington Post - ‎18.05.2016‎
The nearest breeding population resides in southern Florida. ... I've been focusing on predators and people for the last ten years: Where the Wild Things Were was a tale of discovery documenting the chain of ecological wreckage we've engineered by ...

Gu xem phim của Tổng thống Obama

VnExpress - ‎23.05.2016‎
... lực chính trị có kịch bản thông minh, nhiều bất ngờ và hồi hộp đều thu hút Tổng thống Mỹ. Năm 2012, ông chia sẻ với People rằng Argo của Ben Affleck là một trong ba tác phẩm yêu thích nhất năm của mình, cùng Life of Pi và Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Animal Planet's 'Extinct or Alive' TV special stars Coast Union grad

The San Luis Obispo Tribune - ‎20.05.2016‎
Summerfield “found a whole, fresh specimen in a fish market” in the Comoros, an island chain off the coast of southern Africa, Galante said.

Southern charm, eccentricities captured in the movies

Shreveport Times - ‎11.05.2016‎
Beasts of the Southern Wild” (2012). Director Benh Zeitlin has penned a love letter to his adopted home of South Louisiana in this post-Katrina fairytale.

Discovery En Espanol & Discovery Familias Unveil 2016-17 Slates

Deadline - ‎16.05.2016‎
There are fortunes to be made in this wild frontier, but those rewards come with great risks and each individual's life may rely on the vehicle they are driving.

'Kill Every Buffalo You Can! Every Buffalo Dead Is an Indian Gone'

The Atlantic - ‎13.05.2016‎
It was near the end of September, an unusually warm week in 1871, and William “Buffalo Bill” Cody and a group of wealthy New Yorkers stood atop a grassy hill near the Platte River in Nebraska, where two miles off they spotted six huge brown beasts ...

'Peshmerga' gets Cannes ovation – Jeers greet Penn's 'Last Face' at Cannes

Arab Times Kuwait English Daily - ‎20.05.2016‎
French philosopher, writer and director Bernard-Henri Levy (4th right), poses on May 20, with cast members during a photocall for the film 'Peshmerga' at the 69th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France. (AFP). CANNES, France, May 20, ... The ...

Gunmen Murder Popular Cattle Merchant In Ondo State - ‎19.05.2016‎
Cowboys weapons aren't mainly because of rustlers, rather they are because of wild predators that often wander into the ranches.